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  • Limited Spaces Available

    A limited number of Marathon participants will be chosen to complete the study.

  • Marathon Entry

    Those selected to participate in the study will receive comped entry to the Austin Marathon (26.2).

  • There is More!

    On completion of the study you will also receive $100 gift card for gear if you complete the 90 day study

  • Super Easy

    A simple survey is emailed to you daily and takes less than 5 minutes to complete! Easy to do while getting ready or recovering from a training run.

Study Description

This study will assess the effects of a health beverage on upper respiratory infections (cold and/or flu) in marathon runners.  The study lasts approximately 90 days.  You will begin participating 45 days prior to your marathon and will continue for 45 days after your event.

There are two main elements to the study. You will be given a vanilla-flavored, dairy-based beverage to drink every day during your 90 day participation.  And, you will complete regular surveys about your health– how you are feeling (if you have any cold or flu symptoms) and about your training program.  Some surveys will be given every day and others only once a week.

You will receive daily e-mails with a link that takes you to that day’s survey(s).  Daily surveys will take about 5 minutes.  Weekly surveys will take about 10 minutes.  If you indicate you are having cold or flu symptoms, you may be contacted by the study doctor to assess your symptoms.

Next step: To determine if you qualify to be in this study, you will be asked demographic questions (sex, race, and ethnicity), and questions about your health history along with any medications or supplements you currently take.  You will then be notified via e-mail of your eligibility.

Finally: If you are eligible and choose to participate, you will receive instructions on the next steps in the process.