Ascension Seton Austin Marathon Elite Athlete Program

To be accepted into the Elite Athlete Program, athletes must meet the standards listed below.

Austin Marathon and Austin Half Marathon Elite Athlete Program standards:
– Male: 2:24 (full) or 1:07 (half)
– Female: 2:50 (full) or 1:17 (half)

Austin Marathon Elite Field standards:
No greater than 15 minutes from Elite Athlete Program standards

Austin Half Marathon Elite Field standards:
No greater than 10 minutes from Elite Athlete Program standards

Program details and prize money breakdown

Daniel Bishop

Marathon PR (2:22:06)

Daniel Bishop was born and raised in Salt Lake City. He attended the University of Utah and received his BS in Exercise and Sport Science. Bishop now lives in Boise, Idaho, with his wife, Kelli. He is a second-year medical student at the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine. As far as running goes, he continues to train for races in the midst of his studies. 

Race day tip: “Don’t let the race day excitement distract you from your pacing goals; I’ve seen many people go out too fast and suffer for it later.”

Keri McEntee

Marathon PR (2:41:19)

Keri McEntee is from South Glenn Falls, New York. At the age of 19 she suffered a back fracture in a car accident and was unable to run for two years. McEntee eventually recovered and ran her first half marathon in 2013 with a time of 1:24:38. She has since qualified for the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials with a 2:41:19. McEntee now lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, with her boyfriend.

Training tip: “Get your body used to spending more time on your legs. That way when you get to the last 10K, it’s not overwhelming mentally or physically. “

Austin Marathon Elite Field

Mark Pinales

2017 3M Half Marathon Champ (1:06:51)

Mark Pinales was born and raised just up the road in Round Rock, Texas. He’s been racing in Austin his entire life. e’s very thankful to be able to follow his passions and help people as a financial services specialist and a coach to some of Austin’s best youth. He was unable to finish the Austin Marathon two years ago and looks forward to giving it another shot! Pinales lives in Austin with his girlfriend, Tiffani.

Race day tip: “Give it everything you have because you never know if you’ll have this opportunity ever again.”

Elena Oslund

Half marathon PR (1:21:58)

Elena Oslund ran collegiately for Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio. She ran the 2018 Austin Marathon and finished 7th. She currently resides in San Antonio and is coached by Gary Brimmer. Oslund is an Early Elementary Education Teacher and high school cross country and track coach at Providence Catholic School. She is preparing to enter the PhD program at Incarnate Word University.

Race day tip: “Theres nothing you can do but relax, you can only control you’re own actions. “

Sarah Jackson

Marathon PR (2:58)

Sarah Jackson is very passionate about two things — running and Austin, Texas! She attended college at Texas A&M and became a member of the TAMU Triathlon team. Jackson trained for her first marathon in the offseason of her freshman year and has completed 17 marathons since then (11 of those being the Austin Marathon). Her PR is 2:56, recently set at the Chicago Marathon in October. Besides running, she enjoys anything that involves the outdoors — from Barton Springs to local farmers market, cooking and grilling, wine tasting, and taking trips to the mountains.

Training tip: “Run with someone slightly faster than you on your hard work out days. It will help keep you accountable and push the pace when the going gets tough.”

William Bertrand

Marathon PR (2:29:28)

William Bertrand ran cross country and the 10K at Princeton University. He’s now a full time software engineer living in San Francisco. Most of his training is done before work in the morning and he completes his longest days of training over the weekend. San Francisco provides a lot of great hills for training, so I try to incorporate those into my training as much as possible. I’ve run the Austin Marathon once before, and have also run multiple trail running Ultra Marathons in the bay area.

Training tip: “Take easy days easy: recovering between hard workouts is essential. “

Adam Lazrus

Marathon PR (2:37:31)

Adam Lazrus was born and raised in Silver Spring MD, right outside Washington D.C. After running track and cross country in high school, he ran my first marathon while attending college in Pittsburgh, PA, and caught the marathon bug. Lazrus currently lives in Baltimore, MD, with his wife and works as a software developer. He run about 10-12 marathons a year as he works towards his goal of running a marathon in every state. He enjoys traveling, playing Pokémon Go, and spending time with family, especially his little nieces and nephews. He visited Austin a few years ago and enjoyed it so much he decided to celebrate his 30th birthday at the Austin Marathon!

Race day tip: “It’s natural to have butterflies before the race begins. Just remember you trained for this and the doubts will disappear within a couple miles.”

Ryan Normand

Marathon PR (2:29:13)

Ryan Normand started running marathons and half marathons after graduating from Arizona State University, where he ran on the track and cross country teams. He lives in Pflugerville and works full-time at a tech company in Austin. He was drawn to marathon running because it is simultaneously challenging and rewarding. Plus, there is a fantastic running community here in Austin. When he’s not working or running, he likes to spend time outdoors, volunteering, and eating tacos.

Quote: “I’m really excited to race on the familiar streets of Austin and compete with the other local runners.”

Austin Half Marathon Elite Athlete Program

James Ngandu

Half marathon PR (1:01:47)

James Ngandu is the returning Austin Half Marathon champion. This past year, James has raced distances ranging from one mile to the half marathon all over the United States. On multiple occasions James has ran between 1:01:50-1:02:20 with wins at the 30a Half Marathon and Columbus Half Marathon. James currently resides in Van Wert, Ohio, and just recently finished up his MBA from Tiffin University!

Training tip: “It is important to have your easy days easy and your hard days HARD! On many easy days, I start off my run well above 8 min/mile pace and slowly squeeze down my pace!”

Allie Kieffer

Marathon PR (2:28:12)

Allie Kieffer is a 32-year-old American distance runner who is targeting one of the coveted women’s marathon spots for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A seasoned competitor who has used her success as a platform to speak as an advocate for body positivity, Allie’s success exemplifies how to achieve more by breaking the rules and challenging conventional thought. Allie placed 5th, in 2:29:39, at the 2017 New York City Marathon and 7th, with a time of 2:28:12, in 2018.

Training tip: “Believe in yourself!

Rory Tunningley

Half marathon PR (1:04:51)

Rory Tunningley is a two-time Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier (2016 -’20). He ran collegiately for The University of Texas. Tunningley, along with elite runners Will Nation and Bryan Morton, formed a pacing trio that paced female elites to the Olympic Trials B Standard at the 2019 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon. The 2020 Austin Half Marathon is his final tune-up before the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials.

Quote: “I’m pumped to run the Austin Half Marathon as my final big workout leading into the Olympic Marathon Trials!

Taylor Dare

Half marathon PR (1:18:41)

Taylor Dare is 27 years old and lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband of 2 wonderful years. She’s in graduate school for her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and runs with the Fort Worth Distance Project. Dare truly loves running and is beyond grateful for the joy and gift of running the Lord has given her. Her goal is to always use it to bring His name glory. Besides running, she loves spending time with her family, anything outdoors, and reading.

Race day tip: “Have fun and enjoy every moment. You are worth much more than a time on a clock or a place in the race.

Michael “Slim” Morris

Half marathon PR (1:07:11)

Michael Morris has ran competitively since 2004 when he started running for Wills Point High School. After a successful high school career, he ran for Texas State University. While there, Morris set the school record in the steeplechase (9:02). After graduating, he began coaching at San Marcos High School where he is the head cross country and track coach. In 2019, he got back into competitive running thanks to the help from local groups in Austin like RAW Running, Fleet Feet Austin, and East Side Beer Runners. After winning the 2019 3M Half Marathon, Slim jumped into the Austin Marathon (2:38), Grandma’s Marathon (2:24), and finished the 2019 season racing at the CIM Marathon running a 2:19.34 personal best.

Race day tip: “Don’t sweat it! Your training brought you to the line, trust all the work you put in, and have some fun!

Anita Perez

Half marathon PR (1:17:00)

Anita Perez is a 2-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier and will compete in the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials. Last year, she placed second at the Austin Marathon. Perez is a mother and teacher who lives in San Antonio. The Austin Half Marathon will be her final tune-up before the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials.

Race day tip: “Control the things you can control. Focusing on things around you that are out of your control only serves to distract.

Becki Spellman

Half marathon PR (1:14:56)

Becki Spellman is a four-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier (2008, ’12, ’16, ’20) and a mom of twins. She loves any chance she gets to race in Austin as the Austin Marathon was her first marathon ad it’s a great place to race. She lives in Ohio, co-hosts a women’s running camp (BAnna Camp) in Austin each winter/early spring, and races here any chance she can. Texas has a piece of her heart! This will be Spellman’s final tune-up before the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials.

Training tip: “Work toward the athlete you want to become and remind yourself of that in the moments that seem too hard.”

Allen Sumrall

Half marathon PR (1:06:53)

Allen Sumrall is currently completing both a PhD in Government and law school at The University of Texas at Austin. Allen began running competitively as a sophomore at Bates College in Lewiston, ME, in 2014 after he accidentally broke 16:00 for the 5K. Once he began training, he noticed rapid and substantial improvement. Within two years, Allen became captain of the Bates College cross country team, was a cross-country All-American, and was 9th in the D3 NCAA 10,000m. Allen moved to Austin in 2016 to start graduate school, and was lucky enough to compete for the Texas Longhorns cross country and track teams for the 2016-2017 year, where he competed at the D1 NCAA Cross-Country meet at finished 5th in the Big 12 10,000m. 

Training tip: “Fitness doesn’t come overnight, nor does it vanish if your schedule precludes you from training as much as you’d like. No time for a full workout? Finish your run with some sprints instead. Pressed for time? Even a thirty-minute run will help maintain what you’ve gained. “

John Kingstedt

Half marathon PR (1:06:08)

John Kingstedt is from Stockholm, Sweden, but has spent part of his college years in Nashville, Tennessee. He has a daughter (Nancy) and together they broke the world record for 10K pushing a stroller (32:20). I made his marathon debut in Valencia this past December running 2:17:55. He’s the co-host of one of Sweden’s biggest running podcasts – Spring Snyggt – med Jesus och Manne. He’s a huge Willie Nelson fan, which elevates his excitement to see Austin, which he’s heard only great things about!

Race day tip: “My number one tip is not to eat too much before the race, a light breakfast will last you for a twice as long if you’ve eaten well the week of the race. You wanna feel light at the starting line.”

Neringa Kaulinaite

Marathon PR (2:47:45)

Neringa Kaulinaite is an extremely hard working running professional who runs with the
Fort Worth Distance Project team. She has consistently shown excellent skills, dedication, and has a proven track record as a top performer. Kaulinaite loves traveling and is always on the move!

Ben Sathre

Half marathon PR (1:04:33)

Ben Sathre is originally from upstate Minnesota. He now lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, where it is probably about 20 degrees below zero on the Fahrenheit scale. He loves winter races and is used to cold weather and is well prepared for it. Sathre is training for the Rotterdam Marathon in the spring. 

Training tip: “Running is about people so find people you enjoy being with and you will enjoy the training. ”

Mitch Ammons

Half marathon PR (1:07:38)

Four and a half years ago, Mitch Ammons made the decision to completely change his life. He used heroin and other hard drugs between the ages of 19 to 26. It was the only way I thought i could deal with myself and my emotions. It completely numbed his pain, it was his escape and he saw no way out. Ammons lost all self respect, self worth, and pushed away friends and family. He hated the person he had become and thought he was hopeless.

Ammons started running 2 years ago. It has taken him somewhere that he never thought he would go. Running has given him the community he always wanted and best friends who love him for who he is. It’s given him personal success, accomplishment, self-discipline, motivation, patience, and persistence. Running allows Ammons to dig deep into his soul and push harder than he ever thought imaginable. Now, he sets goals and works his hardest to achieve them. July 14th 2015 is his sobriety date. He is grateful for the second chance he has been given at life and for his friends and family who have loved him through the toughest of times.

Training tip: “Listen to your body! It’s better to be fresh than over-trained when you line up on race day. “

Austin Half Marathon Elite Field

Adam Moore

Half marathon PR (1:15:23)

A self-professed late onset endurance athlete, Adam Moore has taken to the sport(s) of triathlon after serving in the US Army as an Infantry officer for most of the last decade. Over the past 2 years he’s competed in road and trail races from 5Ks to marathons and triathlons from Olympic to Ironman distances. Training is usually done in the wee hours of the morning so Moore can enjoy his evenings with his 2 children (Ellie – 4 and Christopher – 3) and beautiful wife Elizabeth. While the family enjoys training with me from time to time, he has two puppers who enjoy running the town with him.

Race day tip: “Leave no doubt! You’ve put in months, if not years, to be at this start line and test yourself. The day is half a celebration of the journey to get there and half final exam.”

Alan Zhou

Marathon PR (2:33:49)

Alan Zhou is an environmental engineering student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has run the LA Marathon, Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, and Illinois Marathon. Zhou never joined the collegiate team at in college, but has been running consistently since he graduated high school. Outside of running, he performs improv, learns languages, and plays piano.

Training tip: “Don’t stress out too much about strict coherence to your training schedule. We all have lives to live. “

Alex Lee

Half marathon PR (1:17:48)

Alex Lee grew up in the Greater Boston Area, where he first started running in high school. He is a 2010 graduate of the University of Rochester where he majored in Biomedical Engineering and ran cross-country and track. While pursuing his doctoral studies, he resumed running competitively. Alex received his PhD in Systems & Industrial Engineering at the University of Arizona in January 2019. He is currently a Postdoc Research Associate at Los Alamos National Laboratory and resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Quote: “I am excited to be back in Austin where I made my half marathon debut at last year’s race. It brings back many great memories. I look forward to enjoying Austin’s delicious BBQ and great live music again after the race!”

Ben Munguia

Half marathon PR (1:16:01)

Ben Munguia got a “late” start to running and endurance sports, but he’s been hooked ever since his first half marathon in college. He lives and trains in Austin, Texas, with the support of his wife, Lauren, their 18-month-old daughter, Avery, and his favorite running buddy, Tucker the Vizsla. He primarily races triathlons and has won multiple races from the sprint distance all the way up to the half Ironman distance. He loves to run and jumps into running races when he has the opportunity. When he’s not training, you can find him cooking, relaxing with friends and family, and trying to plan another trip to wine country.

Training tip: “One thing I wish I had learned earlier was the importance of strides (short bouts of FAST running). It’s a great way to improve your form, stride, and speed.”

Bree Schrader

Half marathon PR (1:20:05)

Bree Schrader’s journey with running started at age 4, when her parents put her in a kid’s 1K and she cried throughout the entire race. She graduated from Baylor University with a Masters in Sports Pedagogy. After struggling with a myriad of injuries in college, she became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Schrader has coached all levels of athletes from complete beginners to Division 1 scholarship athletes. She’s a full-time personal trainer and strength/group exercise coach living in Houston with her husband, who she recently married in June 2019. When she’s not working or running she’s probably either napping or playing with her mini Australian Shepherd, Scout. Schrader ran her first marathon at CIM in December 2019 and is excited to give the distance another go in 2020.

Race day tip: “Be patient the first several miles and don’t let the excitement of the crowd make you go out too fast. Save your energy for the last third of the race when you really need to grind. “

Cheryl Serena

Half marathon PR (1:27:47)

Cheryl Serena is a forensic scientist in New Mexico, but is a native Texan. She grew up in Burleson, Texas, and graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station. Serena has been running since high school. She ran the 2007 Austin Marathon while in college, finishing in 3:48. Schrader is glad to be back in one of her favorite cities in the U.S., a city that has cultivated the running experience for many. She loves this sport so much. The opportunity to race in this elite field is something that deepens that love because she can look back on it, regardless of the outcome, and alway remember how far she came to reach the starting line.

Race day tip: “Quash self- doubt and don’t be so hard on yourself. You have earned this race experience and it’s going to be FUN!!”

Crystal Kent

Half marathon PR (1:24)

Crystal Kent ran for Colorado State University and graduated in 2007. She took time off from running to pursue her masters degree and start a family. Crystal lives in Kyle with her three beautiful children, husband, and dog. She is a psychotherapist and has a private practice in Buda. In 2018, Crystal was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been cancer free for a year and is excited to train again. Crystal is coached by Erik Stanley with Trail Roots.

Quote: “After overcoming cancer last year, I am grateful to race again in the Austin community. Any day I get to do what makes me feel alive is a great day no matter the outcome.”

Natasha van der Merwe

Half marathon PR (1:23:26)

Natasha van der Merwe is a veteran triathlete, having raced for a decade as a professional triathlete, with multiple Ironman and 70.3 top 10 finishes to her name. Merwe is a mom to 3-year-old, Nadine, a triathlon coach, and works for Bicycle World. She organizes and coaches educational training camps and clinics for triathletes.

Race day tip: “Having a plan set up takes the nervousness away. I know if I just execute, I will hit my goals for the day.”

Heidi Bock

Half marathon PR (1:21:08)

Heidi Bock is a stay-at-home mom, wife, runner, and travel enthusiast. Her family recently moved from urban Texas to rural New Mexico. She proudly tends a massive garden and cares for 23 chickens along with her husband and two children. Bock didn’t start running competitively until after she turned 30. She is still discovering her speed. Though most of her training is solo these days, she still associates with Team Zero Dark Thirty from The Woodlands, Texas. They’re an amazing group of elite athletes who focus on family and friendships as much as they do on fast finishes. Bock is also a guide runner for visually and physically impaired athletes, often volunteering through Team Catapult in Houston. What she loves most about running is that it can be enjoyed almost anywhere, requires little more than a pair of good shoes, and can open up a world of travel and social opportunity!

Training tip: “Whether it was a bad run or a good run, just keep showing up!”

John Ross

Half marathon PR (1:11:58)

John Ross finished fifth overall at the 2020 3M Half Marathon (1:11:58) and third in the 2019 Decker Half Marathon. He is originally from Santa Cruz, California, but moved to Austin in fall of 2019 to attend the graduate program at UT for civil engineering. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree at UT and hopes to continue work on a doctorate in the coming years. For undergrad, Ross attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and ran for the distance club, posting a 15:10 in the 5K on the track during his freshman year. Ross took a two-year hiatus from competitive running to focus on graduating a year early from undergrad, but is now back to racing. Austin Half marathon will be his final half marathon of the season before dropping down to the 10K/5K on the track to run for Texas Running Club.

Training tip: “Sometimes the hardest part of training is just putting your shoes on and getting out the door. I often find once I’m out running I get to see sunrises or sunsets I would’ve missed otherwise!”

Yahia Elsayed

Half marathon PR (1:09:39)

Yahia Elsayed began running in 2005. He ran the 2017 Boston Marathon, 2019 Chicago Marathon, and will run Berlin Marathon later this year. Elsayed has many more goals to achieve in his career. He wants to break the marathon and half marathon Egyptian national records and qualify for the Olympics.

Training tip: “No matter how high my weekly mileage gets, I like to include 2 high-quality interval sessions every week.”

Kathryn Fluehr

Half marathon PR (1:14:00)

Kathryn Fluehr lives in Boulder, Colorado. Running has been a huge part of her life since high school. She competed in cross country and track at both Princeton University and the University of New Mexico. Her focus has now turned to longer distances and she loves the community and supportive atmosphere she has found in road races. Fluehr has run several half marathons since graduating and owns a personal best of 1:14:00 from the Indy Monumental Half. She is excited to continue testing herself in the half marathon distance and move up to marathons soon!

Race day tip: “If you’ve done the training to prepare, you don’t need to do anything crazy, just execute!”

Maura Tyrrell

Half marathon PR (1:22:45)

Maura Tyrrell is a Biology Professor in Buffalo, NY, and is finishing up her dissertation on primate social behavior. Running has always been a huge part of her life. For the past several years she has tested her limits and is currently in the best shape of her life. Tyrrell wants to see what her body can do! Tyrrell and her former college running partners (now lifelong friends) chose Austin Half Marathon as this year’s reunion since one of us moved to Texas last year. They’ll celebrate the reason why they all met (running!). She is excited to run this race along with so many competitive runners!

Training tip: “Find supportive running partners with a similar goal (preferably same pace or faster), hold each other accountable, and work together to reach it.”

Missa Morey

Half marathon PR (1:24:05)

Missa Morey competed for the University of Minnesota from 2009-2013. As a Gopher, she received All-Big Ten and All-Region honors in cross country and track. Post-collegiately, she still enjoys competing on the roads and has recently moved up to the marathon and half marathon distances. Missa works full-time as a Middle School Counselor and part-time at Mill City Running in Minneapolis, MN. Her current marathon PR is 2:54:08 from her debut in December 2018. She looks forward to experiencing the Austin Half Marathon and exploring the city!

Race day tip: “Listen to your body and be flexible in your plan. Trust, relax, and remember why you run! “

Tyler Morey

Half marathon PR (1:10:34)

Tyler Morey is a former collegiate runner for Clemson University and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. He received All-American honors in DIII XC in 2011 and qualified for the 3,000m Steeplechase finals in 2011 and 2012. Tyler competes for Twin Cities Track Club and recently moved up to the marathon and half marathon distances. His current half marathon PR is 1:10:34 (Des Moines 2019) and his marathon PR is 2:31:04 (CIM 2018). He also competed in Comrades Marathon in South Africa finishing the 86K road race in 6:54 in 162nd overall (4th American). Tyler is a sales representative for Implus, the parent company to 20+ footwear accessory brands including Balega, TriggerPoint, Spenco, Yaktrax, and more. He lives in Minneapolis, MN, with his wife Missa and enjoys spending his free time outdoors running, biking, hiking, or camping.

Race day tip: “I always run my best races when I execute a more conservative first half and feel strong over the second half of the race.”

Nicholas Chase

Half marathon PR (1:17:12)

After 13 years in the Air Force, Nicholas Chase struck out on his own as a professional triathlete. Since then he’s competed for more than 5 years against some incredibly talented athletes. He’s finally seeing some stellar results, even as a runner. Chase is happy to participate in the Austin Half Marathon as Austin is truly one of the most unique cities in the world! He trains hard, coaches with all of my heart, and can’t wait for the next few years. This half marathon will be a great judge of his fitness for what he should be able to do off of the bike in 2020 for his IRONMAN 70.3 events.

Training tip: “Practice running downhill at race pace at least 2x weekly – but yes, that means you also need to run HARD uphill as well!”

Steve Purugganan

Half marathon PR (1:15:18)

Steve Purugganan lives in Austin but is originally from California. He attended the University of California, Davis, and the University of California, Berkeley. He ran competitively in high school and spent his undergraduate years chasing a plastic disc while competing for the Davis Dogs ultimate frisbee team. After several injuries on the ultimate field, Purugganan returned to distance running because it is a fantastic competitive and social outlet. He’s a big fan of the running community in Austin, with its wealth of running groups and colorful characters.

Race day tip: “If possible, don’t change your routine on race day. Any change could be a distraction, or worse, cause you to get injured.”

Rebecca Marrou

Half marathon PR (1:24:18)

Although Rebecca Marrou loves running, her newest love is triathlon. In her first year of competing as a triathlete, she has qualified and will represent Team USA at ITU Age Group World Championships in Switzerland in August. Marrou competed in 2019 Ironman 70.3 Waco, placing 3rd female overall and 2nd in my age group. She has the wonderful support of her husband and 2 little boys. They keep her pushing hard during her races. 

Training tip: “Think of your workouts as putting money into your bank; race day is the day you cash it all out! This helps me a lot when I don’t feel like pushing through a workout!”

Julia Vegas

Half marathon PR (1:26:21)

Julia Vegas is a 21-time marathon finisher and a 2007 graduate of Florida State University. She competed on the Seminole cross country and track teams. After a 7-year break from running, Vegas returned to running in 2013 and ran in the San Antonio Marathon. Four years later, she set her marathon PR of 2:58 at Mt. Charleston Marathon. Before that, she finished 3rd in the Austin Marathon. Vegas has run 3 world majors, hoping to complete the last 3 within the coming years. She is an elementary PE Coach at Hays CISD and a mother of two, Jackson (9) and Reagan (7).

Training tip: “Trust the process. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

Hattie Schunk

Half marathon PR (1:23:56)

Hattie Schunk attended Texas Tech University (TTU) from 2013-2018 and played soccer (2013-2014) before following her passion for running and joining the cross-country and track team (2014-2018). As a distance runner, she was academic All-Big 12, a Mountain regional qualifier for her entire time on the team, and won her division of the 10K at the 2016 Mt. Sac Relays Distance Invitational. She was TTU’s nominee for NCAA Women of the Year. She’s currently in graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin earning her Ph.D. in chemical engineering.

Race day tip: “Dare to dream. Visualize your goal on race day and think about nothing less. You overcome your doubts and fears when you believe in yourself from start to finish.” 

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