Meet Your 2018 Pacer Team

3:00 Pace Group

Paul Terranova

Paul Terranova (and his wife Meredith, also a pacer) have been part of the Texas multisport community for over 17 years with Paul serving as a marathon pace group leader at the Austin and Houston Marathons since 2006, to include pacing of women’s U.S. Olympic “A” and “B” marathon standard hopefuls prior to the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Trials. Starting as a 2:41 PR marathoner and adventure racer, Paul then branched out into triathlon, with three trips to the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in 2005, 2009, and 2012 while eventually setting his sights on ultramarathons. It is here that he has seen much recent success: completing the first ever Grand Kona Slam (Grand Slam of Ultrarunning + Ironman Triathlon World Championship) in 2012; top-10 finishes at the 100-Mile Western States Endurance Run in 2013 & 2015; 2015 & 2016 USATF 100-Mile Trail National Champion; and 2015 & 2016 USATF Ultra Trail Masters Runner of the Year.

James Greenham

James Greenham was born in Ireland and started running at the age of 35 debuting with a 4:12 in his home marathon in Cork City. In the summer of 2014, James made the move stateside with work, and made Austin Texas his home, quickly finding the community of Rogue Running to improve and guide his progress. Now a veteran of 15 marathons thanks to the expert coaching of Steve Sisson and his Team Rogue Dawn Patrol teammates his PR has just recently been lowered to a 2:42 at the California International Marathon in December. This upcoming 2018 Austin marathon will be James 4th consecutive Austin.

3:05 Pace Group

Anthony Jacobs

Anthony Jacobs claims that he was never the fastest, but could suffer with the best of them on long runs. Running trail is his passion, but Jacobs loves running all around Austin as a means to discover new parts of his hometown!

Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis ran his first Austin Marathon in 2002. It was to be a bucket list accomplishment never to be repeated, but with that debut performance he qualified for Boston, meaning there had to be a second marathon, and now 16 years later the 2018 Austin Marathon will be his 25 th marathon. Along the way, he made the leap into ultras and trail running and has recently found a passion for multi-day fastpacking. Notable races and runs include running sub-2:50 marathons in Austin, Chicago, and Berlin; winning his first 100 miler at Cactus Rose in 2015; fastpacking the 160 mile long Collegiate Peaks Loop in Colorado, and doubling the 2016 Boston Marathon. This year’s race will mark his fourth time pacing for the Austin Marathon.

3:10 Pace Group

Jacob Barrett

Jacob Barrett (per his better half Cate): Jake’s the crazy kind of runner who thrives on covering 10 miles, plus the answers to the world’s problems – or just Austin’s transit solutions – with his friends before the sun comes up. Well, that is, if you can get him out of bed. When he’s on, HE IS ON: engaged, making up new routes to try, going to bed embarrassingly early, and sporting the shortest shorts of them all. But when he’s off, he’s horizontal, on the couch, getting in quality cuddle time with his new cat, usually with chips, salsa, and a beer within arm’s reach. Fortunately, pacing is one place Jake’s always on. This is Jake’s second year pacing the Austin Marathon, and he also paced his wife in her first marathon last summer. He’s excited about running familiar streets and encouraging a pack of runners going after their goals in 2018.

Mike McGinn

Mike McGinn came back to running later in life when a friend talked him into running the Pikes Peak Ascent. That one race got him hooked all over. McGinn really connected with the trails and discovered the pure joy of running again.  After that first Ascent, he spent the next five years retuning every August to Pikes Peak to run the Double, the Ascent and Marathon. The Double lead him to The Rogue Trail Series and then to ultras.  The last few years McGinn tackled Bandera, Capt’n Karl’s 60K Series, Palo Duro 50M, and The North Face 50M to name a few. In addition to the trails, he’s taken his love of running to roads: Big Cottonwood, BCS and Boston marathons along with the Run for the Water 10 miler. This fall he will run the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon, Run for the Water, Decker Challenge and 3M Half leading up to my pacing duties in February. McGinn says he is thoroughly looking forward to pacing the Austin Marathon for the 2nd year in a row.

3:15 Pace Group

Mark Heerensperger

Mark Heerensperger began training & running marathons after deciding to quit smoking for 15 years. Since then, he has completed 13 marathons including 2 Austin Marathons & 4 Boston Marathons with a PR of 2:44 in the 2016 edition of the Houston Marathon. Mark most recently won the 2016 Austin Distance Challenge Full Track.

Nora Colligan

Nora Colligan has been running for competitively for over 22 years and this will be her second year as a marathon pace group leader for the Austin Marathon. Starting as a cross country and track runner in high school and college, she quickly moved up to the marathon distance after graduating. Since then Nora has run 18 marathons, with a PR of 2:44 at the 2015 California International Marathon that earned her an entry into the 2016 US Olympic Trials.

3:20 Pace Group

Jim Moore

Jim Moore didn’t start running until his mid-thirties, so it’s unsurprising that he’s found most success as a master’s runner. In 2012 at age 40, Jim won the master’s division of the Austin Distance Challenge. Four years later in 2016, Jim became the first master’s runner to win the overall division in the Distance Challenge. In 2017, Jim served his first term as an Austin Marathon pacer and two months later ran his current PR of 2:48 at the Boston Marathon.

Joel Stanford

Joel Stanford has been running since late 2009. His PR’s include: 5k (17:56), 10K: (38:12), half marathon (1:22.09) and full marathon (2:55.40). Stanford strives for year-round fitness and versatility at racing well on both the road and trail.

3:25 Pace Group

Frank Livaudais

Frank Livaudais started running marathons in 2002 and since then has run over 200 marathons or longer, with a personal best of 2:54.  He has run a marathon in all 50 states as well as 4 Continents, and 7 countries. He has race directed 120 5K races as well as 7 marathons. He has qualified for the Boston
marathon over 50 times and has run it 14 times. He has run two marathons in a weekend a dozen times and once ran three marathons in three days in three different states. This will be his sixth time to pace the Austin Marathon.

Patrick Hall

Patrick Hall has been running in Austin since he arrived in 1996. He has run 53 marathons as of September 2017 and is proud to say that almost all of them have been in Texas. 21 of them have been Austin Marathons with 15 of those as a Pacer. Patrick has a 2:46 marathon PR but has also enjoyed slower runs and slower terrain, and a few ultras including traveling back his original homeland for South Africa’s Comrades Marathon in 2012. Best run ever: Grand Canyon Rim-2- Rim-2- Rim in 2010 which was made so with perfect weather and better company. Patrick’s goal for those in this pace group is to keep it loose, keep it fun, and get you to the target right on time. All we ask is that you have fun too (as much as you can), and throw your cups and gel wrappers to the side to respect those behind you.

3:30 Pace Group

Matt Fletcher

Matt Fletcher began running in 2011 to drop weight, but quickly the addiction took hold. He found the greatest appeal, scenery, and lack of cars when running trails but maintains a healthy appetite for Austin’s asphalt, running a pair of Distance Challenges, finishing 2nd in AG last time. Now training with Trail Roots, Fletcher finished his first 100k, Kat’cina Mosa in Utah’s Wasatch, had his first marathon win at the Dare to Ascend trail race at Lake Georgetown, and just accomplished his first sub-3 at CIM in December with a 2:59!  Pacing Austin, this time his 25th marathon, lets him serve his running community, enjoying this ever-more challenging course, but recover in time for the Spring trail season! In addition to just running a lot, Fletcher also coaches his daughter and the St. Theresa’s middle school Cross Country team.

Ted Davison

Ted Davison’s running career started about 25 years ago in Zimbabwe as part of his triathlon training. When he went to college in England, Davison completed his first marathon. When he finished that race, Davison swore he would not run another marathon again. But as it turned out, he did carry on running and has now completed 32 marathons, an Iron Man triathlon and 12 ultra distance races, including three 100 mile trail runs.  Since moving to Austin in 2001, Davison has run the Austin marathon 9 times and did his best time in 2016 with a 3:08:45. Last year was his first year pacing and he really enjoyed it.Davison says that he can’t wait to do it again and help some runners achieve their race goals.

3:35 Pace Group

Albert Marino

Albert “Moose” Marino is excited to be an official pacer for the first time. When he’s not teaching high school math, or obsessively reading mystery novels, Moose is cultivating his love for running. Relatively new to the game, Moose is learning a lot by running with Austin’s own Team Rogue and coaching Cross Country and Track at the Ann Richard’s School.

Jason Lippman

Some of Jason Lippman’s running accomplishments include: 25+ marathons, 25+ ultra-marathons, Marathon PR 3:03, an 8-100 mile ultras including LT100, UTMB, Fatdog120 and Hardrock. This will be his 5th year pacing.

3:40 Pace Group

Robert Nathan

Robert Nathan has been a part of the Austin Running Community since 2011 and claims that he might possibly be the loudest and most energetic runner gracing Austin’s streets and trails most mornings before the sun comes up. Nathan started running for fitness with no intention of ever running a marathon. After getting involved with Rogue Running for a training program he was hooked. He has run 13 marathons, including four Austin Marathons. His PR is 3:13:45 at the 2016 Chicago Marathon. The Austin Marathon is his version of SXSW and ACL. It has always been his favorite local event because it brings out the best of our community.Nathan says that he feels honored to be pacing again in 2018. He also promises to crack few jokes, shout and high five everyone through our 26.2 mile journey!

Troy Bertram

Troy Bertram is a former Army Paratrooper and Executive at Amazon Web Services. He has been part of the Austin multisport community since 2011. His Marathon PR was set in Boston in 2014 (2:58:59) while he was unknowingly transitioning from triathlon to the world of ultra-marathons. Since 2014 he has completed numerous local and national ultras including JFK 50 miler, San Francisco North Face 50, Bandera 100k and placed top 3 in Captain Carl’s and Rogue Trail Series races.

3:45 Pace Group

Brent Stein

A former road cyclist and mountain biker, Brent Stein ran his first marathon at Austin in 2003. It was special, not because of the time he finished in (4:00:32), but because of the experience that he had running his hometown race and finishing his first marathon. Since then Brent has gone on to complete eight more marathons, including two Boston marathons and a 2:59 PR. Brent has also taken up marathon coaching duties at Rogue Running for the last six years. Along the way, he has helped many athletes achieve their goal. From first-time marathoners crossing the finish line with a smile on their face to front of the pack runners qualifying for their first Boston. Two recent highlights of Brent’s running
career include coaching & pacing two friends/athletes in the Houston and Grandma’s (Duluth, MN) marathons in 2017. This is Brent’s first year on the pacing team and he is excited to help support many more athletes in their quest to achieve their running goals.

John Peck

John Peck has completed 15+ marathons and is a 3 time Leadville 100 finisher.   After playing soccer at the collegiate level, John transitioned into distance running as a way to stay active and find new challenges. After completing numerous road marathons, John got into trail running and longer distances.
Running keeps him sane as he balances family, work and everything that life throws at him.

3:50 Pace Group

Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan has been a part of the Austin community since 1987. She’s completed over 70+ endurance events, including 7 Ironmans, 35+ marathons and 30+ ultra marathons. Some of her race highlights include the Ironman World Championships, Half Ironman World Championships, 5x Boston Marathon finisher, Comrads Ultra Marathon in South Africa, Hong Kong 100, Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji Japan, Ultra Trail Australia, and Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. Michelle has run every version of the Austin Marathon course and really looks forward to pacing the new route for 2018. 

Robyn Dodge

Robyn Dodge ran her first marathon in 2011 (Austin Marathon). She has since run more than 25 marathons and many other races of various distances all over the world! Some of her most notable running accomplishments include running several of the World Marathon Majors having been accepted as a time qualifier. She has finished the Boston Marathon five times (2013-2017) and will run it again in April 2018. Robyn has won the “End of the World Marathon” in Placencia, Belize every year that she participated (2012, 2014, & 2016). Her marathon personal best is currently 3:15:56. Robyn is also a certified fitness instructor and works with division-one athletes at The University of Texas at Austin, which is also where she earned a Ph.D. in archaeology. This is Robyn’s third year pacing the Austin Marathon with her partner, Michelle. She looks forward to assisting other runners achieving their goals.

3:55 Pace Group

Christine Mulcahy

Christine Mulcahy found her love for running at an early age. Beginning around age 11, she regularly took her family’s Australian Shepherd for two-mile runs around the neighborhood. After running on the cross-country team in high school, Christine was inspired to train for and finish her first marathon in college – Detroit in 2008. She joined Gilberts Gazelles after moving to Austin and ran eight more marathons, achieving two BQs (but frustratingly missing the cutoff both times). Christine’s lifelong running goal is to complete a full or half marathon on each continent. (Two down – five to go!)

Jennifer Marley

Jennifer Marley has been pounding the pavement and hike & bike trail since moving to Austin for graduate school in 2006. She trained on her own for her first marathon (Austin) in 2010. Soon after she decided to join Gilbert’s Gazelles for her second marathon where Gilbert Tuhabonye helped her drop an hour off her time and Meredith Terranova helped her drop 15 pounds. Since then she has raced 12 marathons, chipping away little by little and chasing a BQ within seconds.  Jennifer is known for her LOUD voice and often hears “Shhhhh!!!” from friends, family and strangers. You don’t often see her without her best friend, German Wirehaired Pointer, Ferguson. They tend to marathon train together and Ferguson has even accompanied Jennifer on upwards of 18 mile long runs. He has no off button. When she isn’t running you can find Jennifer hiking the Greenbelt with the rest of the Marley crew, including husband, Wayne, and Scottie-Schnauzer mix, Lucy, who at 14 years old still knocks out 3 miles a day!

4:00 Pace Group

Meredith Terranova

Meredith Terranova (and her husband Paul, also a pacer) have been part of the Texas multisport community for over 17 years. Her favorite word is “PINKYS”, has EXCEPTIONAL hearing especially when it comes to snoring, minor-phobia of both the dentist and the optometrist, and an affinity for energetic German Shorthaired Pointers.  A reformed ultramarathoner with a sub-24 hour Western States 100 – mile run under her belt, Meredith is a 2-time Ultraman Triathlon World Championship finisher and a proud recipient of the “Wife of the Year Award” in 2017.

RuthAnn Lobos

RuthAnn Lobos has been an avid distance runner and triathlete in the Austin community for the last 14 years by way of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  By early morning, she frequently travels the trail around Lady Bird Lake with Gilberts Gazelles, a group which has coached her through 16 marathons, including the Boston Marathon twice, and numerous half marathons.  By day, she is a veterinarian who is certified in canine rehabilitation and has a special interest and training in the nutrition that fuels our four-legged companions.  By night, RuthAnn is a wife and mother to one future endurance athlete, two-year-old Alexander, two Labrador Retrievers and a German Shorthaired Pointer.  Intermingled amidst all that, she loves her LSU Tigers, bourbon and dark chocolate.  Paws up!! GEAUX TIGERS!!  

4:10 Pace Group

Ali Sloan

Ali Sloan has been running her entire life but got into marathons and greater distances in 2011. Sloan has been running in Austin for the past 2.5 years and this will be her first time pacing the Austin Marathon. She has completed 15 marathons with a PR of 3:55. Sloan tends to split her time between road and the wonderful trails that Austin has to offer. She’s finished about 10 ultramarathons ranging in distance from 50k to 50 miles and one 100k. Among running more marathons and ultras in 2018 her goal is to complete a 100 mile race. When she is not running she enjoys spending time with her two young children and husband, exploring all of Austin.

Jessica Head

Jessica Head has been running in the Austin community for the past 4 years and this is her first time pacing the Austin Marathon. She has completed 7 marathons with a PR of 3:18 and will run her first Boston Marathon in Spring 2018. Jessica enjoys taking her running to the trails and has completed 5 trail ultramarathons in 2018 in the 50K to 50-mile distance. Jessica currently trains with Rogue Running downtown.

4:25 Pace Group

Kim and Brandon Batiansila

Kim and Brandon Batiansila kicked off their running with Run to the Sun, which was an overnight relay from Enchanted Rock to Austin benefitting the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation. After running several marathons, trail running has also become a passion. They have run several Rogue trail series, many Tejas Trails races, and Spectrum trail races. Brandon is a 5th grade teacher and Kim is a speech therapist with AISD. In the summers, they travel with their sons to the San Juans or Leadville in Colorado, California, Utah and Oregon. They are active leading an after school program for kids (Austin Youth Fitness) and have coached those groups for 5 years. We love being a part of the Austin running community.

4:40 Pace Group

Carolina Estrada

Carolina Estrada is a running and triathlon coach at Tough Cookies. This will be her 5th year pacing the Austin Marathon. She has been running and competing in triathlons for over 15 years.

Tzatzil LeMair

Tzatzil LeMair is the mother of 4 boys and founder of Tough Cookies, a women-only multi-sport training program. She has run 20 marathons over the past 20 years and multiple Ironman races. This will be her 6th year pacing the Austin Marathon and has a perfect record so far!

4:55 Pace Group

Chris MacLeod

Chris MacLeod joined Rogue Running as an athlete in 2010, became a coach in 2013, and now focuses her efforts on initiating beginners into the amazing community that is running! For Chris, running is all about the connections made through long run conversations and post-run tacos, with a little hard work and consistency thrown in. Amongst her running group, she’s known for her dead-on pacing and her love of a good spreadsheet. Chris lives in north Austin with her husband and his nemesis, a 12-year-old Jack Russel mix named Sadie. When she’s not running, she fills her days working in the Global offices at Whole Foods Market.

Victoria Howard

Victoria “Tori” Howard is an athlete, race ambassador, running coach, and a wife and loving mother of three young children, currently coaching marathoners and half-marathoners at Rogue Running.  She has guided over 200 runners to complete personal goals and to set PRs over a variety of distances.   She first discovered her love for running when she was in junior high school. Those early experiences as a track and cross country athlete fueled her love for endurance running later in life, with her first marathon in Austin in 2008.  Since then, she has gone on to complete 13 marathons, setting a PR of 3:41 at the Austin Marathon. Tori believes in giving back to the running community. She engages fully with her running “Tribe” and has a strong following, supporting her athletes at all levels. Tori strives to empower all runners to meet new goals and discover their hidden strengths. As a 10+ year veteran, she knows the Austin course well, and leverages that mastery to help runners meet the unique challenges Austin can offer.  She is positive, runs with grit, and makes for a fun companion over the 26.2 miles.   Come join Tori this year and let her pace you to your best, most enjoyable marathon experience yet!