Team Registation

Team Registration

Train, Race, Recover!

We are with you every step of the way.

Thank you for your interest in bringing a team to participate in the 2019 Austin Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K!

Below are the steps to sign up as a Team Captain and invite others to join your team. All team members must be registered before January 7, 2019, deadline. After this date, teams will be locked and no one else will be able to join the team.

Team Perks

All Teams

  • Team Management system, to make sure that everyone is registered.
  • Team Name printed on bib below the participant’s name.
  • Option to opt-in for team packet pick up.
  • Opportunities to be paired with our official charities through our Austin Give Miles program.
  • Discounted Under Armour gear from
  • Free training & social runs.

Teams of 35 or more

  • Optional advanced packet on Feb 13, 2019, from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. if you select group packet pick up. All bibs, bags, and shirts will be boxed for easy pick up by the team captain.

Austin Marathon Most Miles Challenge

All awards are based on total miles run on race day. There are no timing elements associated with the corporate or club/team awards. The scoring system is below:

  – 26.2 miles for each Marathon Finisher

  – 13.1 miles for each Half Marathon Finisher

  – 3.1 miles for each 5K Finisher


10 Marathon Finishers + 15 Half Marathon Finishers + 10 5K Finishers = 489.5 Miles

Corporate Division – (All companies)

The top 10 corporate teams will be recognized on The Austin Marathon website. The top 5 teams will receive a custom plaque.

Team / Club Division

Training groups, social clubs & Non- Profits. The top 10 teams will be recognized on The Austin Marathon website. The top 5 teams will receive a custom plaque.

  • How to Create Your Team

  1. Select the Team Captain activity in registration.
  2. Choose a Team Name. You will have until team registration deadline (1/7/19) to change the Team Name, in case you come up with something cooler 🙂
  3. Set your invite status. Read below to learn more about the different options:

Anyone can join your team in the Select Team drop list on the registration page.

Anyone with Link

Anyone who is forwarded a copy of the invitation link can register for your team. There is no limit to the number of people who can sign up for your team.

Invite Only

Each invitation you send out is good for one registration per email address. People who share email addresses will not be able to register using the same email as the invitation will fail once an email has been used to register.

  1. Select packet pick up. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to communicate with the team members if you choose to opt in for group packet pick up. This option can be changed up until the team registration deadline (1/7/19) using the pencil to edit registration. Public Teams are encouraged to choose individual packet pick up.

Team Members will pick up their own packets at the Expo. Their bib will be at the kiosk assigned to their bib number.


The team captain will pick up Team packets and distribute to Team Members. Group Team Packet pick up will include everyone on the team, you will not be able to pick and choose which members you pick up. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to communicate to their members that they are picking up everyone’s packet for them and will arrange a way to get the packets to the appropriate team members.

  1. Submit your team
  2. Are you participating in the event? Then you will need to link your registration to the team.
Already registered and linking your registration to a public team.
  1. Log in to EventDog.
  2. Find your Event Registration, click the pencil link next to the event.
  3. Find the select team drop down menu and select your team name. You are now on the team!
Linking your registration to a "Invite Only" or "Anyone with Link" team.
  1. Log in to
  2. Find your Team Captain registation and select the blue manage team button.
  3. Enter your email to invite yourself to the team.
  4. Return to your main login screen and at the top you will see a box with an invitation to join the team.
  5. Return to your team management screen and you should see that you are now on the team!

Not registered yet? Follow the steps as if you were inviting a team member and register.

  1. Team Payment

Team Members will pay for their registration individually.


The large team registration with a single payment option is available to teams with 25 or more people participating in the event.

1) The team captain completes this application form.

2) Pending approval, High Five Events staff will email the team captain a registration code that will allow members of your team to register without being charged an entry fee.

3) The team captain distributes the code to the team members. High Five Events takes no responsibly for distribution or incurred cost of use of the code. Registering with the code does not guarantee the person is on your team. Be sure to invite team members to your team based on the access level you made in the Team Captain registration.

4) Team members register using the code. Any extras that they select, such as merchandise or charity donations, must be paid for when they complete their registration. Team registration follows the same refund/deferral process as individual registration, see details here.

5) After the Team Registration deadline, High Five Events will tally the number of times your code was used and the corresponding entry fee.

6) A billing invoice will be sent to team captain and the billing contact once the team registration deadline on January 7, 2019 has been passed.

7) No packets for any team member will released until the invoice is paid in full.

  1. Spread the word and get ready for the best time you have had running! Remember the team registration deadline of January 7, 2019!

Questions? Please email us at