The Austin Marathon Pace Team will help you not only achieve your goals, but have FUN; whether the goal is a personal record, Boston Qualifier, or simply to cross the finish line. Our Pace Group Leaders are extremely experienced runners, chosen on their previous running and/or pacing performances and know what it takes to hold a steady pace and provide a great marathon experience for their “Pace-ees”.

Pace per mile Pace Group Corral & Start Time
8:30 and faster 3:00
 7:00 AM
8:45 – 9:30 3:45
7:05 AM
9:45 – 10:30 4:20
7:10 AM
10:45 – 18:00 4:50  7:15 AM

Meet Your 2022 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon Pacer Team

3:00 Pace Group

Paul Terranova

Paul is not just a 15-year veteran of the Austin Marathon Pacers, but he was also the team captain for several years.  A well-known runner all over the country with a lengthy list of accomplishments and victories, he has run over 100 marathons and is a blazing fast 3:00 pacer.  When he isn’t running 100-mile races, Paul is a civil engineer and spends time with his wife, Meredith, who is also a pacer.    

James Greenham

James was born in Ireland and started running at the age of 35, debuting in his home marathon in Cork City. In the summer of 2014, James made the move stateside with work, and he is now a veteran of over 20 marathons. This upcoming 2022 Austin marathon will be James’ 7th consecutive Austin Marathon and it remains one of the racing highlights of the year.

3:05 Pace Group

Brian Fagan

Pacing with the 3:05 group this year, Brian has run the Austin Marathon 12 times.   A past member of the US National Cycling Team, he raced bikes competitively in France and Belgium for 5 years before returning to Texas.  He as run numerous trail races and ultramarathons and is currently training with his wife, Michaela, for her first marathon. 

Travis Rimel

With dozens of marathons under his belt, Travis will be bringing in the speedy 3:05 group, his 5th time pacing the Austin Marathon.  He works as a designer for a living, fishing is his passion, and his favorite part of the course is the section along Tillery, because it’s flat and quiet.  

3:10 Pace Group

Nils Gunderson

Bringing in the 3:10 group this year, Nils will be pacing his 4th Austin Marathon, his 9th overall marathon.  A health coach in Austin, Texas, he loves to travel, cook, and cheer on his LSU Tigers.  

Aaron Valdez

2022 might be Aaron’s first time pacing the Austin Marathon and his 3rd marathon overall, but, with a goal this year of running a sub-2:45 marathon, you’ll be in good hands in the 3:10 group!  A store manager at a local triathlon store here in Austin, when he’s not running or working, he enjoys spending time with his family and listening to podcasts.   

3:15 Pace Group

Cameron Brown

Cameron, an accountant by trade, is pacing the swift 3:15 group this year, having paced Austin 3 times in the past, with 7 marathons completed.  In college, he competed in the NCAA Cross Country Championships, qualifying for Nationals with his team.  He loves the East Caesar Chavez portion of the route best because you’re almost home!       

Jesus Olivares

2022 will be Jesus’s first Austin Marathon as a pacer, bringing in the 3:15 group.  An insurance agent who likes mountain biking and hiking with his 3 kids, he has run 10 marathons, so 3:15 will be in good hands. 

3:20 Pace Group

Grant Bower

A 3-time veteran pacing the Austin Marathon, Grant is a doctor of physical therapy who has a multitude of interests, including road and mountain biking, camping, frisbee golf, and woodworking, just to name a few.  Austin 2022 will be his 15th marathon, and he’ll be doing it with the 3:20 group. 

Jae Kwon

Jae’s sophomore outing as an Austin Marathon pacer will put him at over 10 completed marathons.  Having gotten into running during his military career in his 20s, he is now in service design and will be pacing the 3:20 group in 2022.   

3:25 Pace Group

Marc Bergman

With 53 marathons under his belt and 3 previous Austin Marathons as a pacer, you’ll be in good hands with Marc in the 3:25 group.  By day a microprocessor design engineer, he enjoys hanging out with friends, puppy videos, and long walks on the beach in his socks. 

Mark Heerensperger

Bringing in folks running 3:25 this year, Mark has run 18 marathons and will be pacing his 3rd Austin Marathon in 2022.   Working in finance as his means of employment, he suffers with the rest of us Longhorn fans during football season, and his favorite parts of the marathon are those middle miles through campus. 

3:30 Pace Group

Sydney Lambert

Some people might know her as “Syd the Kid,” but Sydney has run over 30 marathons and paced the Austin Marathon 5 times, going into 2022.  A sales representative by trade, she enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, and trying to learn French.  Bon chance, 3:30 group! 

Ted Davison

Pacing in the 3:30 slot this year, Ted has done over 20 marathons and has paced Austin 3 times.  He is an engineer who enjoys hiking and camping.  His favorite spot on the course is where it crosses the river on S. 1st Street, where there’s huge crowd support.   

3:35 Pace Group

Adam Hammonds

2022 will be Adam’s first time pacing the Austin Marathon, but he has 10 marathons under his belt and will be pacing the 3:35 group.  He is a TxDOT media specialist who loves playing golf and exploring breweries.         

Jim Moore

A veteran marathoner with over 25 marathons to his credit, Jim is pacing the 3:35 group this year, which will be his 4th Austin Marathon as a pacer.  When he’s not running or acting as Vice President of engineering, he enjoys wake surfing, reading, sitting on the beach, and playing with his kids.  His favorite part of the Austin course is coming across the bridge on S. 1st Street and turning left onto Caesar Chavez, where the crowds are epic!

3:40 Pace Group

Joe Terracina

Even though 2022 will be Joe’s first year as a pacer for the Austin Marathon, you’ll be in good hands with the 3:40 group, as he has run 48 marathons.  A business owner, he has run 10 consecutive Boston Marathons, and his favorite part of the Austin Marathon course is the finish, where the crowds are electrifying. 

Katie Graff

2022 might be Katie’s first time pacing the Austin Marathon, but, with over 30 marathons under her belt, she’ll get you across the finish line with the 3:40 group.  She is a mental health specialist who enjoys writing, cooking, reading, and making costumes.      

3:45 Pace Group

Bonnie Pope

Bonnie’s first time pacing the Austin Marathon will be this year’s race, but she has done 9 marathons and 2 ultras in the past, leaving the 3:45 group in good hands.  An urgent care nurse practitioner, we can only imagine that a marathon will be a walk in the park compared to the two years she just had!   

Frank Livaudais

Frank is a well-known local runner and race director who has 238 marathons( and longer races) to his credit. He has paced Austin 10 times, and, in the 3:45 spot this year, Frank will chat with you about his love of wine, whiskey, traveling, and reading.  2022 will be his 21st Austin Marathon in a row!     

3:50 Pace Group

Michelle Ryan

2022 will be Michelle’s seventh time pacing the Austin Marathon, and she has run over 100 marathons in her storied career.  A retired graphics designer, she loves the first 6 miles of the race because of the awesome crowd support up Congress and down South 1st Street.  She will be pacing the 3:50 group, hoping to get some folks to Boston. 

Robyn Dodge

Robyn is the Austin Marathon Pace Team captain this year, with 35 marathons under her belt.  She has paced Austin 7 times previously, and she is an archeologist specializing in ancient pre-Mayan history.  If you see Robyn out on the course, thank her not just for pacing the 3:50 group, but for organizing all of the pace groups for 2022!     

3:55 Pace Group

Meredith Terranova

Meredith has paced the Austin Marathon 13 times and has run an even 100 marathons, going into 2022.  A well-known local sports nutritionist around Austin, she loves baking, and her favorite part of the marathon is the point in the race where the half and full split.  Meredith will be cooking up a time of 3:55 when she gets you to Boston!

RuthAnn Lobos

Ruth Ann has paced the Austin Marathon 3 times, and Austin 2022 will be her 20th marathon.  A veterinarian by trade, she was born in Louisiana and is, not surprisingly, an LSU fan.  She loves hunting with her Labrador when she isn’t running the streets of Austin.  She’ll be pacing the 3:55 group.

4:00 Pace Group

Mallory Brooks

Mallory is a 4-hour pacer and is a race director and a running and mobility coach.  Her favorite section of the Austin Marathon is Enfield, because she loves rolling hills.  This will be her third time to pace the Austin Marathon.

Panther Carmical

Panther is helping organize the Austin Marathon Pace Team for 2022, having paced Austin 4 times previously and run 56 marathons.  A book publisher and collector of rare bourbons, his favorite part of the course is last 1/10 of a mile, as the runners boom down Congress to the finish line.  This year, he’ll be booming with the 4:00 group, hopefully getting some folks to Boston.        

4:05 Pace Group

Brooke Ziel

Brooke has paced the Austin Marathon 3 times, has run 30 marathons, and, this year, she’ll be pacing the 4:05 group.  She works in the airline industry and enjoys baking, traveling, hiking, and climbing.   

Karim Elmrabet

A software engineer who enjoys traveling and live music, this will be Karim’s first time pacing the Austin Marathon, with the 4:05 group.  With 53 marathons under his belt, however, you’ll be in good hands with him when he paces you across the finish line!

4:20 Pace Group

Cheryl Tulkoff

A veteran of more than 50 marathons, Cheryl loves travel, wine, cooking, and reading and even loves the hills in the Austin Marathon.  A senior director of corporate quality, you can spark up a conversation with her along the way to finishing in 4:20.  

Priscilla Norosky

Although Priscilla will be a freshman Austin Marathon pacer in 2022, she has run 10 marathons, including Boston Marathon qualifiers.  When she isn’t running, she is a construction project manager and mother of 2 young boys.  The high point of her 4:20 pacing time is the finish line.  

4:35 Pace Group

Lorena Devlyn

Closing quickly in on 100 marathons (currently at 92), 2022 will be Lorena’s 7th time as an Austin Marathon pacer.  A polyglot mother of three and a court interpreter by trade, she has a Texan heart and a Mexican soul, who will get you across the finish line with the 4:35 group.      

Mary Lenington

Mary, a collegiate rowing coach, has paced the Austin Marathon 3 times leading into 2022, and she’s run 11 marathons in her career.  During the pandemic in 2020, the most interesting virtual race or activity she did was parenting, and her pre-race ritual involves coffee.  You can see Mary pacing with the 4:35 group as it powers up the Dean Keaton hill.  

4:50 Pace Group

Tzatzil LeMair

An advertising executive by day and a well-known local triathlon and running coach by other days, Tzatzil loves traveling and spending time with her sons.  This year will be her 10th time as an Austin Marathon pacer, and she’s done over 25 marathons.  She loves talking politics, as well, which will keep you entertained as she takes you across the finish line in 4:50.  

Carolina Estrada

A running and triathlon coach in Austin, 2022 will be Carolina’s 8th year pacing the Austin Marathon. She loves helping people accomplishing their goals and giving a 26.2-mile tour around the city.  She has been running and competing in triathlons for over 15 years, and she will be pacing the 4:50 group.