Austin Marathon Pacers

The Austin Marathon Pace Team  are a local team, familiar with the course, and will run the entire marathon distance at a steady/even pace. They will help you not only achieve your goals, but have FUN; whether the goal is a personal record, Boston Qualifier, or simply to cross the finish line. Our Pace Group Leaders are extremely experienced runners, chosen on their previous running and/or pacing performances and know what it takes to hold a steady pace and provide a great marathon experience for their “Pace-ees”.

The pacers will run the full marathon course. Half marathoners can line up with pacers and run the most of the half course as well.

If you have questions, or would like to inquire about being a pacer, email

What’s It All About

Pace groups for the following times: 3:00, 3:05, 3:10, 3:15, 3:20, 3:25, 3:30, 3:35, 3:40, 3:45, 3:50, 3:55, 4:00, 4:05, 4:20, 4:35, 4:50. Pace group 3:00 will run on gun time, the rest will run based on chip time.

  • The Pace Group Leaders will be running “Even Splits”. This means that every mile will be run at approximately the same pace. Exceptions to this will be at the beginning of the race due to the bottleneck at the start, and on the miles that the course dictates. Think of them as a moving finish line with your goal time pinned to the back of their shirts.

How to Run with Pacers on Race Day

  • Look for them next to the “Pace Time” signs in the starting area holding up signs with the finishing times printed on them. They will be wearing Marathon Pacer singlets and bibs. Try to meet up with your pace group at least 15 minutes before the start of the race.
  • Five to ten minutes before the start, your pace group leader will give you their final instructions. This may include any adjustments being made to the pace due to course conditions.
  • Water station philosophy regarding whether the pace group will walk or run through it – is up to the pace leader. Each pace leader will let you know their strategy for getting back together after a water stop. Be sure to check with your group leader prior to the start if this is important to you.
  • We want you to run your own race. If you feel great on race day, and you want to go ahead and catch the next group, we’ll cheer you on. If it’s not your day, slow down and wait for the group behind you. And if you want to just fall in and match strides with your pace group leader, we’re sure to appreciate the company!

Meet Them Before

  • Read the Pacer bios below and follow them on social! You can always reach out with questions 🙂

Meet at The Expo

  • There will be a “Meet the Pacers” booth Friday and Saturday at the Expo. We will be giving some last-minute pointers and each pace group leader will be there for you to meet and ask questions. This is another great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

2024 Pace Team

James Greenham

James is a veteran pacer and Irish masters athlete. He been lucky enough to pace the 3hr group since 2018. Without doubt, this continues to be his favorite race weekend of the year. With a marathon personal record of 2:37, athletes are in good hands running for the 3 hour finish with James and Travis.

Travis Rimmel

Travis is a veteran pacer returning for the fifth year in a row! He has been living and running in Austin for over 15 years and has run the Austin marathon nearly a dozen times now. Travis is fortunate to have run nearly every nook and cranny of this town. Now as a masters runner he is finding a whole new crowd of competition with some serious talent! The Austin running community has always been a vital part of his family. The people and places running has provided a lot of time laughing and growing for which he is thankful.

Brian Fagan

  • Pace: 7:03 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:05

Brian is a veteran pacer leading the 3:05 group again this year. He has run the Austin Marathon 13 times. As a past member of the US National Cycling Team, Brian raced bikes competitively in France and Belgium for 5 years before returning to Texas. He has run numerous trail races and ultramarathons and enjoys pacing races in the greater Austin area.

Dane Shaw

Dane Shaw is a veteran pacer originally from Edwardsville IL. Austin has been his home now for the past 13yrs. Dan is a life long runner and former triathlete. Dane raced in 7 full IRONMAN’s and 4 half IRONMAN’s which include 2 world championship races. This past year he completed my first ultra at the Leadville 100 and finished under the 25hr mark. Dane is absolutely happy to be pacing the 3:05 group this year again and leading everyone to their goal.

Aaron Valdez

Aaron is a veteran pacer. He is familiar with the 3:10 Group pacing it for the third year in a row. Aaron works as the Store Manager at a High End Building Material Showroom. He trains with the Surge Racing Team and is looking forward to assisting runners achieve their goals on February 18th.

Nils Gundersen

  • N/A
  • Pace: 7:15 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:10

Nils is a veteran pacer. He is a runner and athlete coach in NW Austin. After a career change in 2015, he vowed to adopt a healthy lifestyle and ran his first marathon in the fall of 2016. Since then, Nils has maintained a competitive race schedule and recently won the masters division at the 2018 BMW Dallas Marathon. In 2021, Nils ran a personal record at the California International Marathon with a finish time of 2:44. Other accomplishments include 1st place at the 2018 Honor Livestrong 5K, 3rd place masters at the 2019 3M Half, 2nd Place Masters in the 2020 Rogue Running “One For All” Vitual Race Series, and 3rd place age group finish at the 2023 Indianapolis Marathon. Nils is excited and honored to pace the 3:10 pace group at the 2024 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon on February 18th!

Jesus Olivares

  • N/A
  • Pace: 7:26 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:15

Jesus is a veteran pacer born in Mexico and raised in South Texas. Jesus came to Austin to study finance at The University of Texas at Austin. After graduation, Jesus started a business, which he actively manages. Between starting a family, working long hours, and struggling with staying in shape, something called Jesus to go for a run at the Lady Bird Lake Trail. 12 years later he runs almost every day. At the age of 38 Jesus feels in better shape than he was in his twenties. Running has become a passion. He is thankful for the friendships made, the health benefits that running provides, and the discipline running forces. When am not at the office or running, you will find Jesus hiking or biking with his wife and 3 kids on a local Austin trail.

George Hernandez

George is a veteran pacer who ran his first Austin Marathon in 2012. He has since run the full and half marathons multiple times. George is a long time Austin area resident who currently trains with the Surge Racing team. In addition to being a local business owner, George is RRCA coach and certified personal trainer. He also serves as the head coach for the Apex Running group in Cedar Park during his spare time. George has run competitively beginning in high school, continued through college and into his masters years. The robust racing career includes competing at every distance from the 1500 to the 50k. When not running George enjoys restoring old muscle cars and trucks.

Matthieu Diener

Matthieu is a rookie pacer originally from France where he began running in 2017. After moving to Austin from Paris in 2019 Matthieu was impressed with the greatness of the Austin running community. Matthieu became familiar with a few of the training groups around town while running around the river and training for previous Austin Marathons. He is now excited to join the Austin Marathon pacing team for the first time in 2024! Matthieu will provide a smooth run around town in pursuit of the 3:20 finish.

Michael Wilt

  • @yourfriend_michael

    Pace: 7:38 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:20

Michael is a veteran Austin Marathon pacer who considers it an honor to lead the 3:20 pack. He currently trains with the Bat City Track Club and has completed 12 marathons, one on-your-own ultra, dozens of middle distance races, and some sprints to the curb with the recycling cart. Michael is currently focused on racing the World Marathon Majors, reducing his marathon personal record of 2:47, and finding his daughter a unicorn or alicorn. Happy running!

Anayeli Jaimes

  • Pace: 7:49 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:25

Anayeli is a veteran pacer and an Austin native. She is excited to pace her hometown marathon for the second year in a row. Anayeli is no stranger to the marathon distance. She has run a full marathon in all 50 states and even raced a 100-miler. As a former nurse, now an executive, Anayeli considers living a healthy lifestyle is important. She uses her personal running experience to inspire others to take an active role in their health and future. Running allows Anayeli to keep my body and mind as sound as possible.

Dermot O’Driscol

  • Pace: 7:49 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:25

Dermot is a veteran pacer who has been running marathons since 2004 when he completed his first Austin Marathon. Dermot has raced the Boston Marathon, New York Marathon, and California International Marathon to name a few. He really enjoyed pacing the 3:15 pace group previously, pulling his group across the line right on schedule. Dermot is most looking forward to bringing high energy and fun times to the streets of Austin on February 18th!

Matt Fletcher

Matt Fletcher is a veteran pacer who began running in 2011 to drop weight, but quickly the addiction took hold. Scenery and lack of cars are the greatest appeal to him when running trails. Matt maintains a healthy appetite for Austin’s asphalt including the Austin Marathon. Now training with TrailRoots, Matt has finished a couple 100Ks, achieved his first marathon win at a Lake Georgetown trail race. Matt has twice run 2:59 marathon finishes, most recently at the Boston Marathon. Pacing the Austin Marathon on February 18th will Matt’s number 41s marathon. This opportunity allows him to give back to the encouraging running community, while adequately recovering in time for the Spring trail season!

Mark Heerensperger

  • N/A
  • Pace: 8:12 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:35

Mark is a veteran pacer bringing in folks at the 3:35 finish this year. He has run 20 marathons including pacing the Austin Marathon many years in a row. Working in finance as his means of employment, Mark suffers with the rest of the Longhorn fans during football season. His favorite section of the marathon course are those middle miles through campus.

Marc Bergman

  • Pace: 8:12 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:35

Marc is a veteran pacer with 59+ marathons under his belt including pacing the past five years of the Austin Marathon. Athletes will be in good hands with Marc and Mark in the 3:35 group. By day Marc is a microprocessor design engineer who enjoys hanging out with friends, watching puppy videos, and taking long walks on the beach in his socks.

Ilya Finkelstein

  • Pace: 8:23 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:40

Ilya is a rookie pacer. He has run various segments of the course in training aided by gel-fueled long runs. Ilya train with the amazing Gilbert’s Gazelles in Austin. When not running, Ilya oversees a research lab and chases his two young children. He is excited to pace the 3:45 finish on February 18th.

Katie Graff

  • Pace: 8:23 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:40

Katie is a veteran pacer having paced the 3:40 finish at the Austin Marathon for the last couple years. She is passionate about helping others out and offering encouragement to runners. Katie is grateful for the opportunity to connect with other runners and see them accomplish their goals.

Sydney Lambert

Sydney is a veteran pacer and thrilled to be your 3:45 Marathon Pacer! She is primarily a trail runner but makes her way out of the woods for this special annual event. Sydney has raced everything from road to trail ultra marathons. She has been a member of the Austin Marathon Pace team since 2013 and looks forward to serving the athletes on February 18th!

Frank Livaudais

  • @franklivaudais
  • Pace: 8:35 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:45

Frank is a veteran pacer who started running marathons in 2002 and since then has run over 250 marathons or longer. Frank has a personal record for the marathon distance with a 2:54 finish. He has run a marathon in all 50 states as well as 4 Continents, and 7 countries. Frank served as the race director for over 120 5K races and 7 marathons. He has qualified for the Boston marathon over 50 times and has 20 Boston Marathon finishes. Frank has run two marathons in a weekend a dozen times and once ran three marathons in three days in three different states. February 18th will be his tenth time to pace the Austin Marathon.

Robyn Dodge

  • Pace: 8:46 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:50

Robyn is a veteran pacer and is currently the Austin Marathon Pace Team Captain. It is her third year in a row serving in this role. Robyn has completed over 45 marathons, including finishing eleven consecutive Boston Marathons. She will run her twelfth consecutive Boston Marathon in April. Robyn and her experienced partner Michelle are both punctual, consistent, and precise pacers. They have paced the Austin Marathon together for the past nine years. Professionally, Dr. Dodge is an ancient Maya archaeologist and is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Archaeology at UT Arlington. She is also a certified fitness instructor, teaching strength and Mat Pilates in her free time. Robyn is excited to assist athletes in achieving their goals on February 18th!

Michelle Ryan

Michelle is a veteran pacer and has completed over 100 endurance events. Her accomplishments include finishing 7 Ironmans, 54 marathons and 53 ultra marathons. Some of Michelle’s race highlights include finishing the Ironman World Championships, UTMB, (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc) 4x 100 Milers and 7x Boston Marathons. Michelle has competed internationally in Australia, Hong Kong, France, Japan, Brazil and South Africa. One day she hopes to race in Antartica to complete all 7 continents. Michelle is an 12x finisher of the Austin Marathon and really looks forward to pacing with her run partner Robyn for the 9th time on February 18th!

Karim Elmrabet

  • N/A
  • Pace: 8:58 min/mile
    Finish Time: 3:55

Karim is a veteran pacer who started running in 2003 with the goal of a completing a single marathon. Soon after, he was hooked. Running helped Karim stay fit and alleviate work stress. He has been pacing the 3M half-marathon and Austin Marathon for many years and enjoys helping runners reach their goal. Karim also enjoys traveling to different locations to race marathons. He has finished over 50 marathons, including all six of the World Marathon Majors.

Joe Terracina

Joe is a veteran pacer who began running over 15 years ago when a friend dared him to run a half marathon. A year later he decided to run his first full marathon in Austin in 2009. Joe hasn’t stopped since and has completed 55 marathons, including 12 Boston Marathons and 6 Austin Marathons. He loves pacing because it allows him to help other people achieve their goals.

Mallory Brooks

Mallory is a veteran pacer, who loves to see marathoners break that four hour mark! She is an avid trial runner and has set several Fastest Known Times including a circumnavigation of Mt Rainier and a quad crossing of the the Grand Canyon. Mallory is familiar with the course and will keep her group motivated, encouraged, and on pace to achieve their goals! 

Crystal Zemlin

Crystal is a rookie pacer, dedicated marathoner, loving wife, and proud mom. She who also wears the hat of a passionate real estate agent in Austin. Crystal finds joy in running with the Ship of Fools, a community that shares her enthusiasm for the sport. When she’s not conquering miles, you can catch her pushing her limits at CrossFit Lake Travis. Crystal’s go-to workout, is fittingly named “Marathon.” The name reflects her unwavering commitment to both running and fitness. Crystal’s favorite running route is the scenic Lady Bird Lake, where the beauty of the scenery complements her love for the sport. Crystal’s dedication extends beyond personal achievements as she takes pride in being an integral part of the running community who finds fulfillment in helping others reach their fitness goals. Crystal’s journey is a testament to her passion for both the thrill of the run and the joy of assisting others on their fitness journeys. She is excited to pacer her first Austin Marathon on February 18th!

Bonnie Pope

  • N/A
  • Pace: 9:21 min/mile
    Finish Time: 4:05

Bonnie is veteran pacer, a marathoner, mom, and nurse practitioner in Austin. She enjoys running around Austin with the Gazelles and Austin Marathon Pace Teammates Her favorite hill on the Austin Marathon course is the Enfield climb!

Brooke Ziel

Brooke is a veteran pacer having paced the 4:05 finish of the Austin Marathon group 4 years perviously. Brooke has run over 30 marathons, and loves to help others achieve their goals. She works in the airline industry and enjoys baking, reading, traveling, hiking, and climbing for leisure.

Frank Hayes

Frank is a veteran pacer who has raced a dozen Marathons, and has served as a pacer for numerous half marathons in and around the greater Austin area. Frank enjoys running with his Circle C neighborhood running club and the Twenty-Six Two Marathon Club. When not running Frank enjoys swimming, playing volleyball, and works as a Technical Sales leader at IBM.

Laura Hitt

  • N/A
  • Pace: 9:55 min/mile
    Finish Time: 4:20

Laura is a veteran pacer who has been running long-distance races in Austin annually for more than 20 years. Laura has raced several marathons, achieved a Boston Qualifying time at the Austin Marathon, has paced numerous half marathons. When Laura isn’t running, she is a mathematician-turned-fraud-program-manager and mother of two amazing tweens. She looks forward to assisting runners achieve their goals on February 18th. 

Mary Lenington

Mary is a veteran pacer, mother of two kids, and former Division I collegiate rowing coach. She looks forward to bringing runners to the finish on time at the Austin Marathon on February 18th.

Adriana Prado

  • Pace: 10:29 min/mile
    Finish Time: 4:35

Adriana (Adry) is a rookie pacer who considers it an honor to have been invited to pace the 4:35 finish of the Austin Marathon. She is very excited to be part of the team! Adry has run several full and half-marathons since she began running in 2001. She is a long time Austin area resident who most recently raced the California International Marathon in December. In addition to being a mom, wife, baker and cake decorator, Adry is a RRCA certified running coach. She is also the founder and coach of three run clubs: Rise and Run South Austin, Easton Park Run Club and Happy Feet Run Club. Adry is an enthusiastic 5am runner.  When I’m not running or baking, she enjoy watching movies, sewing, bike rides, and cooking. Her son will run his first marathon on February 18th and they have been training together for the Austin Marathon!

Tzatzil LeMair

Tzatzil is a veteran pacer of the Austin Marathon. She works as an advertising executive by day. Tzatzil is also a well-known local triathlon and running coach. She loves traveling and spending time with her husband and four sons. This year will be her 12th year as an Austin Marathon pacer. Tzatzil has completed over 25 marathons. She loves sharing training, racing, parenting tips, and stories keeping athletes entertained and across the finish line with a finish of 4:50.

Carolina Estrada

Carolina is a veteran pacer and this will be her 10th year pacing the Austin Marathon. She feels that every year gets better than the last. Carolina considers it a wonderful experience to encourage athletes over the years to push through pain, keep going, and smile thought the finish line.