Team Management

Welcome Team Captains!

This is your go to page to get answers to questions you may have about managing a team. PRO TIP: Bookmark this page for easy access.

You’ll learn how to:

  • View your team roster
  • Send invitations to join your team
  • Remove members from your team
  • Edit your team name
  • Change the packet pick up option you selected
  • Update team status to public or private
  • Add a Co-Captain, and more

If you got to this page before registering, be sure to visit the Team Registration page.

To begin you will need to complete the Team Captain Registration Form. The form will ask you to:

  1. Choose your Team Name.  

  2. Set your Invite Status. You can choose how to invite others to join your team. There are 3 options.

    • Public: Anyone can join your team in the “Select Team” drop list in registration.
    • Anyone with the link: Anyone who has a direct link to your team can join it.
    • Invite only: Only those who you invite directly can join your team.
  3.  Select a Packet Pickup option.
    You can pick up the packets all at once or members can pick up their own.

    • Individual: Team members will pick up their own packets at the Expo. Their bib will be at the kiosk assigned to their bib number. 
    • Group: The Team Captain will pick up everyone’s packets at the expo. Individuals who join the team after the February 5th deadline will not be included in the group pick up. No exceptions. 
    • Please note that it is the responsibility of the Team Captain to communicate with the team members if their team will have a group packet pick up, or if each member needs to pick up their packet individually. We recommend that public teams choose individual packet pickup.
  4. Submit your registration and presto your team is ready!