Team Management

If you got to this page before registering, be sure to visit the Team Challenge page and review Team Registration.

Managing Your Team

Now that you’ve created a team you can logon to your account to access and edit certain team information.

This includes:

  • Viewing the team roster
  • Sending invitations to join your team
  • Removing members from the team
  • Editing the team name
  • Changing packet pick up option, and
  • Updating team status to public or private

In your account you can also review any other events you have registered for and click on the pencil icon to make updates to certain fields such as pace, email address, date of birth, bib name (if available), shirt size and more.

After you log in to, if the event you are looking for does not show up, you may not be registered for the event or you may have registered using a different email.

Accessing your Team Captain Account

  1. Go to and click “Login” on the top menu bar.
  2. Click “Captain Login” under “Team Management” on the page that appears
  3. First-time users will need to follow the steps provided to request a temporary password.
  4. After you receive the temporary password, input the email address you used to registered and the password to log in.
  5. Once logged in you will see all of your registrations listed.
  6. Select your Team Captain registration, then click on the “Manage Team” button.
    • Here you  can:
      • See & edit your team settings
      • Invite team members
      • Select a co-captain
      • Export your team members for messaging
      • Adjust your team privacy
      • Adjust the Packet Pick Up option

Adding Yourself to Your Team

Even though you created the team and are the Team Captain, you will need to join the team once you complete your race registration form.

If the team access is public:

    1. Upon logging on to, access the event you’re looking for.
    2. Scroll down the event page and click the pencil next to “Team Name”.
    3. Select your team name from the dropdown menu.
    4. Click the “Save” button. You are now on the team!

If the team access is “Invite Only” or “Anyone with link”:

      1. Log in to your Team Captain registration and select the blue “Manage Team” button.
      2. Enter your email to invite yourself to the team.
      3. Return to your main login screen and at the top, you will see a box with an invitation to join the team.
      4. Return to your team management screen and you should see that you are now on the team!

Not registered yet? Follow the steps as if you were inviting a team member and register.

Inviting Others to Join Your Team

If a Public Team – Just inform your friends to select the team name from the drop-down when they register for the event.

If NOT a Public Team – On your Team Captain page, enter a list of comma-separated email addresses in the first box and a quick message in the second box to be sent to those you want to invite. A team link is available if you selected “Anyone with a link” which can be copied to share in your personal email account.

Team member registered but did not use your invite link.

Click on your “Manage Team” button and include the email address that they used to register for the race in the space provided, then hit the send button. Now tell them to logon to their account where they will see a pending team invite to accept and join the team.

Confirm/Remove Team Members

Anyone who has registered to be part of your team is listed on your Manage Team page. Click the red X to remove anyone who is not supposed to be part of your team. This will remove the person from your team, but leave them registered for the event. A notice is sent to everyone removed from a team, and you can send a personal note at the same time, if desired.

Edit Team Name

Click the pencil icon after the team name to edit your team name. Everyone who is already registered will be updated to the new name.

Switch Team Captains

Although it’s not possible to completely change a team captain, you can choose a team member to be a co-captain of the team dn they will have the same access and abilities as the Captain. Simply click the gold star next to their  name. This person can then sign in to their account and help manage the team.

Adjust Team Privacy

There are three access settings for teams. You can adjust these settings by clicking the link
below Privacy Settings on your Team Management page. The settings are:

  • Public – Anyone can see your team in the Select Team drop list on the registration page.
  • By Invitation Only – Each invitation you send out is good for one registration after
    which the link will fail.
  • Anyone with the Link – Anyone who is forwarded a copy of the invitation link can
    register. There is no limit to the number of people who can sign up for your team.

Team Payment Options

  • Individual:
    Team Members will pay for their registration individually.
  • Bulk Pay:
    The Bulk Pay option is available for approved accounts that anticipate having 35 or more race registrants that the company will be invoiced to pay for two weeks before race day.

    How it Works

    1. The team captain completes this application form.
    2. Pending approval, the team captain will be issued a registration code that they will distribute to team members to use.
    3. The recipients will apply the code to their shopping cart upon registering for the race to zero out the race entry fee. Please be advised that High Five Events takes no responsibility for distribution or the incurred cost of the use of the code.
    4. Any extra items that a team member adds to their shopping cart, such as merchandise or charity donations, must be paid for when they complete their registration. Team registration follows the same refund/deferral process as individual registration, see details here.
    5. All bulk pay codes expire at 11:59 PM on Sunday, February 6, 2022. Following the deadline, an invoice will be generated that will include the number of times the code was used multiplied by the corresponding entry fees. It will also include the 5.5% processing fee + $1.00 per registration.
    6. A billing invoice will be sent to the team captain and the billing contact.
    7. No packets for any team member can be released until the invoice is paid in full. 

Team Packet Pick Up Options

1. Team Captain Pick Up

“Team Captain is responsible for picking up and distributing Team packets. Not recommended for Public Teams.”

If a Team Captain selected this option race packets including race bibs and event shirts for each team member will be packaged together. Please make sure all of your team members know the captain will pick up their race items.

  • Captains with a team of 35+ members are invited to attend early packet pick up the Wednesday before the race. Details will be sent.
  • Captains with a team of fewer than 35 members will pick up the team box at the Teams Kiosk at the packet pick up expo.
2. Member Pick Up

Each team member will need to pick up their own race items at the packet pick up expo if the captain pick up option was not selected. Team members cannot pick up packets for each other.