2018 Charities


Austin Give Miles serves nonprofit organizations in the Central Texas area through its philanthropic efforts. During the 2017 Austin Marathon and Half Marathon, more than 750 runners dedicated their training miles to one of the 25 official nonprofit organizations and raised more than $630,000! Couple that with The Moody Foundation’s generous offer to match the funds raised for each charity allowed this total to reach far beyond out 2017 goals. 

2016 was a record-breaking year, 2017 was even bigger, and we are looking for 2018 to hit to out of the park! Austin Gives Miles provides runners the opportunity to make their miles meaningful for the Central Texas charities we all care about and we anticipate that the program’s 5th year will bring the overall total raised to more than $1 million.

Contact Carly@HighFiveEvents.com for more information on 2018 Charities.

Charity Chaser Program

The official charity chaser program will return for the 2018! Be on the look out for who will be starting at the back and running to raise money for each person they pass!