You’re a captain, now grow your team for the Austin Marathon

Having a large team running at Ascension Seton Austin Marathon, Half Marathon or 5K is really fun! But motivating everyone to sign up on time can be challenging. Utilize these 4 tips that can help you grow your team for the Austin Marathon’s 30th anniversary and get everyone registered soon! This one’s on the house: remind them it’s our 30th anniversary!

1. Emails

The most important part of being able to grow your team is getting your squad to join the team. One email inviting everyone to the team is not enough. You may feel pushy but trust us, you’re not. Reminding people of the deadline and perks is important. We suggest at least three emails between now and the team deadline to remind everyone if you want to grow your team for the Austin Marathon.

2. Challenge others

Nothing gets the competitive juices flowing more than an accepted challenge. You can challenge the group to all run PRs or see who can raise the most funds for one of the Austin Marathon Gives charity teams. You could even have weekly challenges to keep everyone motivated and following their training plan. The possibilities are endless! If you can think of it, you can make it happen.

3. Add perks

Some people need a little something extra. If you can, offer something special to everyone who joins the team before a certain date. This can be something like having their name on their shirt (if you are doing a group shirt) or a shoutout on social media. Make your group members feel important by making the group that much more exclusive! Pro tip: perks can act as recruiting tools that can help you grow your team for the Austin Marathon!

4. Share it on social media

If you are a public team, share it everywhere. A great way to do this is to create Facebook Event where the event date is the team registration deadline. You can then invite all your friends and ask them to invite everyone they know who might be interested. In no time you may find yourself with hundreds of people who are interested in joining your team. Post in the event or private message these people to make sure they are reminded of the deadline. You can also use this opportunity to stay connected, talk about training, provide updates, and recognize team members with shoutouts. The possibilities are endless!