Austin Marathon Announces Sixth Round of Accepted Elite Runners

High Five Events introduces the sixth round of accepted athletes for the 2018 Austin Marathon®. Runners who do not qualify for the Elite Athlete Program are still invited to run in the Elite Field. The Elite Athlete Program’s focus is to provide a clean and competitive environment, discover emerging talent, and help the existing talent pool reach Olympic standards. The Program’s Year Two prize purse totals $20,000, with $15,000 for the marathon and $5,000 for the half marathon.

sixth round

Zachary Ornelas at 2017 Boston Marathon (2:24:40).

The sixth round of 2018 marathoners include:

  • Bryan Morseman – Elite Athlete Program (2nd place at 2017 Run for the Red Marathon – 2:22:08)
  • Girma Segni – Elite Athlete Program (ran 2:23:51 at 2017 New York City Marathon)
  • Wendes Gray – Elite Field (ran 1:31:47 at 2016 Holiday Half Marathon)
  • Alex Kramer – Elite Field (ran 1:13:48 at 2017 Cambridge Half Marathon)
  • Mitchell Germann – Elite Field (2nd place at 2017 Decker Challenge – 1:17:10)
  • Zachary Ornelas – Elite Field (ran 2:24:40 at 2017 Boston Marathon)

The sixth round of 2018 half marathoners include:

  • Luke Humphrey – Elite Athlete Program (2008, 2012, 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier)
  • Sabrina Lopez – Elite Athlete Program (ran 2:41:16 at 2017 California International Marathon)
  • Samantha Roecker – Elite Athlete Program (2nd place female at 2017 Hartford Marathon – 2:38:14)
  • Nicole Aish –  – Elite Field (2nd place at 2017 Virginia Beach Half Marathon – 1:19:46)
  • Crystal Kent – Elite Field (3rd place at 2017 San Antonio Marathon – 3:15:30)
  • Anthony Holshouser – Elite Field (2nd place at 2017 Route 66 Half Marathon – 1:14:11)
  • Kaitlyn Johnson – Elite Field (ran 1:20:10 at 2017 3M Half Marathon)
  • Natasha Van der Merwe – Elite Field (2017 Decker Challenge female Champion – 1:26:27)
  • Brittni Hutton – Elite Field (ran 35:20 at 2017 Portland Track Festival 10K)
  • Hernan Rozemberg – Elite Field (ran 1:16:09 at 2017 3M Half Marathon)
  • Braden Perry – Elite Field (ran collegiately at Weber State University)

“I am excited to return to Austin for the Austin Half Marathon,” said Humphrey, who has been a member of the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project since 2004. “I am using the Austin Half Marathon to test my fitness after coming back from a fall marathon. This is the perfect race for me to compete and challenge in the lead group!”

Read about the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth rounds of accepted elite runners. Including today, the marathon has accepted a total of 15 runners into the Elite Athlete Program and 23 others have been invited to participate in the Elite Field. The half marathon has accepted 16 runners into the Elite Athlete Program and 25 others have been invited to participate in the Elite Field. Applications are still being accepted and elite runners can apply on the Austin Marathon’s website. Athletes that meet the program’s standards and are accepted will be given one comp entry to the 2018 Austin Marathon or half marathon, reimbursement eligibility, and standards bonuses.