Austin Marathon Announces First Round of Accepted Elite Runners

Elite runners will compete during race weekend for a prize purse that totals $26,000

Elite runners will compete for $26,000 at the 2019 Austin Marathon presented by Under Armour.

Jocelyn Todd accepts her award for finishing 3rd place at the 2018 Austin Half Marathon.

Introducing the first round of accepted elite runners for the 2019 Austin Marathon® presented by Under Armour®. Elite runners not accepted into the Elite Athlete Program are still invited to run in the Elite Field. Returning for its third year in a row, this opportunity creates a competitive field of male and female elite runners while discovering emerging talent, pushing the entire talent pool to reach Olympic standards. The Program’s Year Three prize purse totals $26,000. FloTrack’s live coverage highlights the competition amongst elite runners, following male and female marathoners and half marathoners.

I’m excited to return to Austin again this year!” said Jocelyn Todd, 3rd place female at the 2018 Austin Half Marathon (1:17:19). “The steep competition, rolling course, excellent organization, and awesome crowd make the event a great component to my race schedule.

The first round of 2019 marathoners include:

  • Daniel Bishop – Elite Athlete Program (3rd place 2018 Austin Marathon – 2:26:27)
  • Jameson Mora – Elite Athlete Program (2020 Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier)
  • Beth Marzigliano – Elite Field (3rd place 2017 Run for the Red Marathon – 2:58:58)
  • Nadia Tamby – Elite Field (3:00:56 at 2018 LA Marathon)
  • Cole Toepfer – Elite Field (1:12:23 at 2018 Garry Bjorkland Half Marathon)
Elite runners will compete for $26,000 at the 2019 Austin Marathon presented by Under Armour.

Daniel Bishop crosses the 2018 Austin Marathon finish line in 3rd place.

The first round of 2019 half marathoners include:

  • Jocelyn Todd – Elite Athlete Program (2020 Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier)
  • Rachel Baptista – Elite Athlete Program (2020 Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier)
  • Ryan Root – Elite Athlete Program (2nd place 2018 Austin Half Marathon – 1:08:51)
  • Megan Smith – Elite Athlete Program (2:50:19 at 2017 Twin Cities Marathon)
  • Matt McCurdy – Elite Field (2018 Austin Marathon Masters Champion – 2:42:27)
  • Brooke Torres – Elite Field (1:25:22 at 2018 3M Half Marathon)
  • Callie Bartel – Elite Field (1:25:16 at 2017 Marquette Half Marathon)

The first round of 2019 Manzano Mile participants include:

  • Cameron Villarreal – Elite Field (2017 Charlie Thomas Invitational – 4:04.6)
  • James Heilman – Elite Field (4:26.8 at 2018 Texas A&M Aggie Twilight)

“The 2018 elite field provided competitive racing, highlighted by Allison Macsas qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials (2:43:11),” said Jack Murray, co-owner of High Five Events. “We’re excited about the growth of this program and look forward to many more elites running the streets of Austin.

The prize purse breakdown follows: $15,000 for the marathon, $5,000 for the half marathon, and $6,000 for the Manzano Mile presented by Dole. Applications are arriving daily. More than 50 applications have been submitted. We will announce the second round of elite runners in a few weeks. Applications are still being accepted and elite marathoners can apply on the Austin Marathon’s website. Athletes that meet the program’s standards and are accepted will be given one comp entry to the 2019 Austin Marathon or half marathon, reimbursement eligibility, and standards bonuses.

What the What is it with Massage?

The experts explain 3 different types of massage

This post was written by the experts at Austin Massage Company. They’re the official massage company of the 2019 Austin Marathon presented by Under Armour.

So, you’re a runner, but do you know the best type of massage you should be getting? Some of our clients initially think the biggest difference in types of massage is how hard you’re mashed into the table or whether or not cucumbers are placed on your eyes. And before you ask, no these aren’t the types of massage you’ll find on sites like. you’ll have to look elsewhere for those.

The varying types you can receive truly impact your road to recovery. We’re here to let you in on a little knowledge about three main types that we suggest for athletes like yourselves:

Active Release Technique

Active Release Technique, commonly known as A.R.T., is a massage technique that combines specific movement with deep pressure to help relieve muscle adhesions and reduce scar tissue buildup. During an A.R.T session, the therapist uses his or her hands to evaluate the texture, tightness, and mobility of the client’s soft tissue. This technique aims to break up these adhesions, as well as work on the movement of the muscle.

Trigger Point

Trigger Point therapy is a massage modality that targets muscle knots and areas of referred pain in the muscle tissue. Therapists search for and target knots in the muscles or areas of referred pain. Deep pressure is used to help loosen the adhesions. Like A.R.T., Trigger Point therapy is best used to treat injuries. Specifically, Trigger Point therapy is effective in the treatment of IT band tightness, calf strains, and hamstring injuries. All of which are commonly found in athletes.

Deep Tissue

And finally, deep tissue. Most runners are familiar with deep tissue. It is often confused with deep pressure (e.g., when you tell the therapist to “go harder”). Deep tissue massage targets both the superficial and deep layers of muscles and fascia. They’re often quite intense as a result of the deliberate, focused work.

Tell them you’re training for the Austin Marathon or Austin Half Marathon!

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