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7 Tips for Better Race Photos

Elusive perfect race photos are within reach

Get ready to level up your Austin Marathon photo game with these savvy tips, ensuring your snapshots are as memorable as your race day! Whether you’re tackling the full marathon, cruising through the ha

Women Runner with Arms Outstretched Official Photo Austin Marathon by Finisher Pix

lf, or sprinting in the 5K, these tips will have you Instagram-ready at the finish line. And remember, when you share those triumphant shots, give a shoutout to the Austin Marathon Instagram!

1. Perfect Your Posture

Strike a pose! It’s easy to hunch over during a race, especially when fatigue sets in. Keep an eye out for those photographers in yellow vests and use it as a cue to straighten up, roll those shoulders back, and align that spine. Not only will this improve your photos, but it’ll also feel oh-so-good for your body.

2. Lengthen Your Stride

Who doesn’t want to look like a running gazelle in their race photos? Give your legs the appearance of speed and grace by extending your stride just a tad more than usual as you spot a camera. It’s not about keeping it up for the entire race, just long enough to snag that perfect shot.

3. Clear the Way

Photo bomb-free zone coming through! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming photographers and tactically position yourself so you’re not hidden behind other runners. It’s your moment in the spotlight, after all.

4. Smile Like You Mean It

Relaxing your face while running might seem like a tall order, but with a bit of practice, you can master the serene race-day look. Try whispering “Money” as you run—it works! Or,

better yet, practice that relaxed, happy facial expression during your training runs.

5. Positive Vibes Only

Adopt a race-day mantra that keeps your spirits high and reflects in your photos. Whether it’s “Running brings me joy” or “I’m a race-day warrior,” let that positive energy radiate. Feel free to

share a cheer or a shout as you pass by the photographers—a little enthusiasm goes a long way!

6. Bib Placement Matters

Aim for a clean, front-and-center bib placement. This not only ensures you look organized but also helps the race’s photo tagging system quickly identify your triumphant moments without you having to scroll through endless galleries.

7. Hold Off on Stopping Your Watch

Two women embrace as they finish half marathonn in Austin Texas

We get it, you’re eager to hit pause the moment you cross that finish line. However, give it a few more strides before you check your stats. Let your finishing moment be all about the joy and accomplishment, not the digits on your watch.

8. Emotions in the Spotlight

Don’t hold back—let those feelings show! A beaming smile, a victory jump, or even tears of joy can make for an unforgettable photo. Aim for expressive gestures that last more than a fleeting moment to ensure photographers capture your true race-day spirit.

As you gear up for the Austin Marathon, half marathon, or 5K, remember that the journey is as picture-perfect as the finish line. These tips aren’t just about creating Instagram-worthy moments; they’re about enhancing your race experience and capturing the memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. So, lace up, smile wide, and get ready to make some photographic magic. Here’s to a race day filled with personal bests, both on the course and on camera!

You got this!

Earn Your Ticket to the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group Championship at the Austin Marathon

2024 Austin Marathon participants can earn a spot at AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group Championships

Mark your calendars for February 18, 2024, because Austin, Texas, is where the action’s at. The Ascension Seton Austin Marathon is your passport to an adrenaline-fueled adventure as it returns as one of the selected qualifying marathons for the Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Rankings. The AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Rankings comprise over 375 qualifying races in over 90 different countries in which athletes in nine separate age groups can compete in marathons across the world to earn a global ranking. 

Compete against runners from around the world

The spread of the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group Qualifying Events creates a truly global series throughout the year. This gives runners across the world the chance to be part of a new era of age-group marathon running. 

The 2024 season will be the 6th edition of the rankings, with runners competing to earn an invitation to the 2025 AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships.

Dawna Stone, Abbott World Marathon Majors CEO said: “The Abbott World Marathon Majors Wanda Age Group World Rankings continue to grow and welcome new races into the qualifying process every year. The geographical spread of runners and races shows the appetite for high level competition across all ages and an invite to the World Championships is becoming a much sought-after goal.” 

How it Works

Athletes will be ranked according to their single fastest time in a qualifying event. Any athlete achieving the Automatic Qualifying Time for their age group will receive an immediate invitation for the 2025 AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships.

Highly-ranked runners who do not achieve the Automatic Qualifying Time still have the opportunity to receive an invitation to enter the World Championship depending on the full field size and the number of athletes achieving the qualifying time.

In order to receive an invitation, runners must be registered at AbbottWMM.com. The date, location, and field size for the 2025 AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships will be announced in due course.

Age Group Qualifying Times 

Times are subject to final confirmation by AbbotWMM at the end of 2023.

 2024 Qualifying times Age Group 






























Qualifying for the 2025 AbbottWMM Age Group Championship

There are three ways to qualify for the championships.

1. Achieve the Automatic Qualifying Time for your age group

2. Other highly ranked athletes without an Automatic Qualifying Time may also receive an invitation, depending on the full field size and the number of athletes achieving the qualifying time.

3. The bi-annual AbbottWMM Global Marathon, held within the Global Run Club, has 200 places available for the fastest verified finishers. Visit the Global Run Club for full details.

Full details here.

So, as the Austin Marathon countdown begins, imagine the cheers of the crowd, the beat of your heart, and the thrill of knowing that you could earn a spot at the 2025 AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championships. It’s not just a marathon; it’s a global celebration of running . The path to championship glory is paved with determination and a dash of fun. The Austin Marathon beckons and the world is your playground – get ready to run, laugh, and make memories that will last a lifetime. It’s marathon time, and the adventure begins here!

Convince Your Friend to Train for a Half Marathon with You

5 ways to convince your friend to train for a half marathon with you

Maybe you have a race coming up and you don’t want to train alone. Perhaps you need some motivation to get your running groove back. Or you could have a friend who’s talked about running a half marathon, but has yet to commit. Regardless of the reason, it is time to convince your friend to train for a half marathon with you. Training with a buddy is not only fun, but inspiring as well. You can encourage each other while training for the upcoming 13.1-miler. If they’re still on the fence, convince your friend to train for a half marathon with you using the 5 tips below. Remember, running is contagious!

Incorporate a stretch routine before all runs and workouts.

Pro tip: it’s important to remember that life happens. Share how you balance life and training with your friend. That and these 5 helpful tips will give them what they need to train successfully.

1. Describe the race-day experience

Sometimes not knowing what to expect on race day can be detrimental. Take this opportunity to let your friend know what happens during race weekend. From packet pickup to the finish line festival, explain the process and what happens along the way. Provide details about the vendor-filled expo, what to expect on race morning, and the party at the finish line. Build this 4-stretch routine into your training plan and make it part of your race morning.

2. Share training information

Share information, like your favorite GPS watch, with your friend.

Share tips about how to train for the upcoming half. Provide guidance for essential items like running shoes, GPS watches, nutrition, training plans, stretching exercises, etc. Communicate what works and didn’t work for you. This is also a chance for you to determine what might be holding them back. Your friend will have lots of questions. You want to make the entire experience as enjoyable as possible for them. Think back to training for your first 13.1-miler and try to anticipate what they might need. Chances are there are a few things that’ll help them that they’re not aware of, like side stitches. Share these side-stitch prevention methods with them.

3. Provide support and encouragement

Keep in mind, running can seem daunting for a first-timer. Offer support and inspiration that’ll help them continue, even during the tough times. Take small steps and set smaller, weekly goals. Incorporate the ABCs of goal setting and they will help you both build-up to the main goal: crossing the half marathon finish line. Don’t throw your friend into full-fledged running, especially if they’ve never run before. Recall why you started running in the first place and try to impart that to your friend.

4. Work at their pace

Your insight will help your friend cross the finish line!

Your enthusiasm for the half marathon might discourage your friend who might feel less-than-ready to run. To counteract this, make your training run sessions fun. Include tunes they enjoy or run in an area they’re familiar with. Be sure to not make them burn out. Keep things at their pace, from running to the information you share. Again, revert back to training for your first half and what worked for you. If your runs are at night because of their schedule, follow these safety tips and enjoy the benefits of running at night.

5. Create friendly competition and give rewards

What better way to stimulate the passion for running than some competition. It is a fun way to challenge each other during training. Rewards can be small and inexpensive, like home-baked cookies or a new pair of socks. It shows your friend that you’re thinking of them and will incentivize them to reach their goal. When thinking about competition, it doesn’t have to be between the two of you. Challenge your friend to run half a mile further than before or a few seconds faster during a speed workout. After all, they’re their own competition.

Running is an exciting way to get fit and have fun. What better way to enjoy this sport and train for the next half marathon than with your friend? This advice will help you get them off the fence and in training mode. Establish a routine, set smaller goals, and create friendly competition to help your friend cross their first half marathon finish line!

How to Run: Useful Advice for First-Time Runners

Our advice for first-time runners will start you off on the right foot

So you’ve decided to start running? Congratulations! Running is a great way to improve your cardiovascular health, build strong bones and muscles, and boost your mood. But if you’re a first-time runner, the prospect of lacing up your sneakers and hitting the pavement can be a bit intimidating at first. Where do you start? How do you make sure you don’t get injured? And how do you keep yourself motivated to keep running?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll give you some useful tips on how to get started with running, how to stay safe and injury-free, and how to make sure you keep enjoying running for the long haul.

Remember: every runner starts at square one. You are about to embark on an amazing journey. It will include countless miles, early mornings, new friends, and plenty of finish lines! Take our advice for first-time runners and apply it to your journey!

Set a goal, find a training plan

Image of a runner posing in front of a 2020 Finisher backdrop after completing the 2020 KXAN Simple Health 5K. First-time runners should set a goal and find a corresponding training plan, like the free 5K training plan in this blog.One of the first things you want to do is set a goal. That could be a distance, a race, or a specific distance at a certain event. If you’re just starting out, an ideal goal race would be the Austin Half Marathon. The distance, 13.1 miles, is a great intro to the sport. Plus, you have plenty of time to follow this free half marathon training plan!

Set a larger goal and train for the Austin Marathon. Going from 0 to 26.2 is a great undertaking, but one that you can accomplish with help from this free marathon training plan. Want to begin with a smaller distance and get to the 3-block-long finish line festival before everyone else? The 5K distance is perfect if you don’t have that much time to train. Bonus points for getting friends and family to join you. Make sure you download this free 5K training plan and share it with whoever’s joining you.

Learn how to run your best

Running is simple, you put one foot in front of the other. But there are so many ways for you to run better and see improvement. Take proper care of your body, especially when you’re just beginning. Getting more sleep, taking time off, and hydrating properly are just a few of these 7 tips that’ll help you run your best!

Prepare for different weather

You might not know it yet, but running in the rain is an absolute treat! Just make sure you’re prepared so a fun run in the rain stays fun. These 7 tips will keep your training on track despite the weather. Just make sure you check the weather before you take off. Don’t run if there’s lightning!

If the weather is on the warmer side, summertime running tips will keep you comfortable and safe as the temperature rises. 

Keep your motivation motor running

Image of runner from Mexico with his right arm flexed during the 2020 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon. This blog post have tips for first-time runners, like how to be relaxed and run your best.Sometimes the motivation just isn’t there. The chances of skipping a run or missing a workout are higher with first-time runners. But you’re not alone! All runners face this dilemma. One of the best ways to keep your motivation level high is to find an accountability partner. This person will meet you early in the morning and make sure y’all complete the run. Yes, you guessed it, you’ll hold them accountable too! Here are 5 additional tips for staying motivated.

Get Good Shoes

Invest in a good pair of running shoes. One of the most important pieces of gear for a runner is a good pair of shoes. Running shoes are designed to provide cushioning and support for your feet, which helps reduce the risk of injuries like shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. When choosing running shoes, it’s important to get fitted at a specialty running store, like Fleet Feet Austin, so that the sales staff can help you find the right shoe for your foot type and gait (the way you move while running).

Don’t miss your morning run

Getting up for your early morning run can be difficult, especially for first-time runners. Completing an early morning run really sets up the rest of your day nicely! But the battle with your alarm clock is real. This is the case for veteran runners too! Implement some or all of these 6 tips. They’ll help you get out the door for your morning run.

Long-run recovery timeline

You’re logging miles. Crushing your early morning run. Your weekend long runs are getting longer. What’s left? Learn how to properly recover from your long run with this recovery timeline. This long-run recovery timeline will help expedite the recovery process and help get you ready for whatever’s next!

This useful advice will help put first-time runners on the road to success. But if you’re returning from a long break or recovering from an injury, this information is just as beneficial. Get ready for an amazing running journey! Hey veterans, if there’s something that worked for you as a first-time runner let us know on Facebook or Twitter.