Places to Train in Austin

Austin will spoil you with a slew of running options offering excellent opportunities for fitness enthusiasts, runners, and marathoners to explore their skills. This article will walk you through some of those fascinating terrains.

Four excellent running places in Austin

There are plenty of them. But we have zeroed in on a handful that are known to provide a vivid running experience.

1. Lady Bird Lake Trail

Austin has something to offer to every runner from pro down to a rookie. So if you are a newbie, you have the 3.2-mile loop between the South First Bridge and the Mopac Bridge to explore. Marked by two water stops, this loop is short and easy to navigate. However, this area also boasts of longer trails that are seven miles and 10 miles respectively which are meant for the more experienced runners.

2. McKinney Falls State Park

Located well within the city limits, this is one of the best places to train in Austin. This park has breathtaking scenery and waterfalls, and is home to two prominent running trails. These winding trails not only stretch for miles, but they also have elevations that rise to more than several hundred feet. This area is perfect for those of you who are contemplating participating in the Austin Marathon. But also, if running is your passion or a stress buster, this place is a must-visit.

3. Barton Creek Greenbelt

Located in the heart of the city, this place is inundated by miles of trees, along with various waterfalls, and limestone cliffs. Starting from Zilker Park, this trail provides a good opportunity for runners to test their skills. From navigating around uneven terrain to conquering the Hill of Life at the end of the trail.  The trail is known as the seventh-best running trail in Austin.

4. Travis Heights

Some neighborhoods are also great places for training in Austin, like Travis Heights. It is easier to run in neighborhoods as you can continue doing it regularly without any limit. Travis Heights is a quiet residential neighborhood dotted with hills that offer peace, and the freedom to explore your running prowess to the fullest.


With a wide variety of running trails, Austin is truly a runner’s paradise. A place where you can realize your marathon dreams, amp up your fitness regimen, or simply feel the magic of tearing through the force of the wind for the fun of it. 

2023 Launch Week Kick Off

Registration for the 2023 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon Officially Opens May 2

Launch Week Offers Many Incentives to Registrants


AUSTIN, Texas, April 30, 2022 — Registration for the 2023 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon® officially opens Monday, May 2nd. The 31st Annual Austin Marathon is scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 19, 2023, in Austin, Texas. The initial pricing structure is offered during Launch Week of May 2-9 and is as follows: Austin Marathon $139, Austin Half Marathon $119, Austin Marathon 5K presented by Paramount Theatre $59.  Registration is available here.

Launch Week consists of different giveaways each day plus some fun in-person get togethers. Visit the Austin Marathon Facebook event page for more details on the group runs. To receive each day’s offer, sign up for the Austin Marathon mailing list here

Monday, May 2nd

  • Free Personalized Name Plate for finisher belt buckle with registration
  • Follow @AustinMarathon on instagram to catch the location of our street crew for a chance to pick up some swag

Tuesday, May 3rd

  • Morning run with the Morning Jo’s (Austin, TX) at 6:00 AM
  • Super Coffee Free Trial pack with registration* 
  • Afternoon run with RAW Running (Austin, TX) at 6:30PM 

Wednesday, May 4th

  • 1 in 10 registrations wins a SPIbelt

Thursday, May 5th

  • Run with Wolf Rack Running in San Antonio, TX 
  • 40% off Under Armour Code with Registration 

Friday, May 6th

  • Run with Fleet Feet Downtown Austin, TX 6:30 AM 
  • Register and be entered to win a GU’die pack. 

Saturday, May 7th

  • Free Personalized Name Plate for finisher belt buckle with registration

Sunday, May 8th  

  • Register and be entered to win a swag pack with Under Armour Shoes and Backpack 

Monday, May 9th

  • 1 in 10 registrations wins a SPIbelt


Everyone who registers during launch week is entered to win a $2,000 Grand Prize which includes: 

  • 4 Race entries. One to each of the following events – Ascension Seton Austin Marathon, 3M Half Marathon, Ascension Seton CapTex Tri and Kerrville Triathlon
  • Saturday Night Hotel Stay for Austin Marathon
  • 2 VIP Tickets for Austin Marathon 
  • Austin Marathon Jacket
  • Under Armour Shoes 
  • Swag Bag full of goodies!

Those who register during Launch Week will also have the option of adding the 3M Half Marathon and receiving $10 off as part of the combo deal.  In addition, this year the Austin Marathon is honoring nurses with steeply discounted rates, nurses can apply for the discount here

The 2023 Austin Marathon preparation is well underway and will once again see a premium swag bag and belt buckle finisher medal, plus continued participation of Central Texas nonprofits through Austin Marathon Gives, an enhanced finish line festival, complete with beer garden, a fully supported course with 22 aid stations stocked with Nuun, two GU Energy Zones, live music throughout the course and at the finish line festival.  Having start and finish locations just a few blocks apart, being in the heart of Austin’s main attractions, restaurants and hotels, and finishing in front of the picturesque Texas State Capitol makes the Austin Marathon the perfect running weekend destination.    

If you are interested in hosting a group run in your town please email to get added to the official launch week calendar. 

About The Ascension Seton Austin Marathon: Founded in 1992, the Austin Marathon has been owned and operated by High Five Events since 2017.  Austin’s flagship running event annually attracts runners from all 50 states and 30+ countries around the world.  The economic impact to the City of Austin is in the tens of millions of dollars annually and has provided millions of dollars in fundraising efforts to charities over the years.  


How Runners Can Make Every Day Earth Day

Every morning, when you wake up and get into your running shoes, what is that one thing that motivates you to go out and do the hustle? Besides the obvious desire to remain fit, the beauty of the Earth itself is a tremendous motivator that makes us want to head out and experience the wonders of nature on foot.

Whether you like to run across a sandy beach or in a park with tall trees, running is so much more fun when done in the lap of nature. The fresh breeze blowing through your hair, the vast expanse of greenery, the pleasant chirping of birds, and the soothing sound of water trickling offer the ideal setting for a run.

If you enjoy running in natural settings and admiring the beauty of the Earth, then you may find that you enjoy doing your part to ensure that it remains the same for a longer time. It is no secret that the Earth is suffering a slew of problems, such as global warming and climate change. With a few small changes, we can help make every day Earth Day!

Check out the following suggestions for some fantastic ideas on how you can make a difference.

Soles4Souls donates old sneakers to people in need

Recycle or Donate your old gear and running shoes:

Every time you purchase new running gear and shoes, think about recycling or donating your previous attire instead of dumping it in the garbage. There are numerous methods for recycling shoes. Take them to your local Goodwill or homeless shelter. Many companies now have recycling and reuse programs for athletic equipment and shoes. You can look up relevant locations and offer your equipment for recycling.



Girlfriend Collective Moss Compression Run Short

Make purchases from eco-friendly brands: 

Today, no matter what you wish to buy, you will have an infinite number of vendors to choose from. If you are committed to making the planet a healthier, cleaner, and better place, make the right option when deciding on your running gear. At present, there are many brands like Brooks, Girlfriend Collective and Allbirds that create a wide variety of products from recycled materials and sustainable methods.




Under Armour Playmaker Jug Water Bottle

Take a refillable water bottle from home:

Plastic pollution is a big threat that the Earth is dealing with. If you carry around disposable plastic bottles to relieve your thirst while burning calories, a reusable and refillable water bottle would be a better solution. You may lessen your carbon impact on the earth in this manner.

Ensure that you run on a clean track: 

The simplest way you can contribute to the conservation of planet Earth is by keeping it clean. So, if you are running down a route and come across a few wrappers or cans, you know what to do. Simply pick them up and toss them in a nearby trash can.

These were a few tips to help you take care of the environment while taking care of your body. Follow them and inspire others to join you in making the Earth a greener and more pleasant place to live in.

Tight Shoulders? Try These Stretches

Tight shoulders can be very painful.

They are often seen in athletes because they use their shoulder muscles and ligaments too much. Tight shoulders can also affect the neck region and sometimes the whole upper body. If you don’t warm-up and stretch properly before muscle training, the chance of having tight shoulder blades increases. A tense shoulder blade restricts your movements and makes you feel anxious because it causes a lot of discomfort. It can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep and make it hard to do everyday activities.

Let’s check out some stretches that can give you relief from tight or stiff shoulders:


Neck Stretch– Bend your head towards your left shoulder so that your left ear touches the shoulder. Placing your left hand over the right side of your temple, gently pull your head to the left. Maintain this position for nearly thirty seconds. Then repeat the same for the right side. 

Crossbody Arm Stretch– Keep one of your arms straight and hold it across your chest with the other hand. Pull the upper part of the crossed arm towards your body gently for ten seconds. Relax and repeat by switching the arms. 

Shoulder Rolls– Stand or sit in a proper posture. Keeping your arms straight, roll the shoulders up, forward, and down in sync. Swiftly continue this movement to the count of ten. Then repeat the same rolling movement backward. 

Chin Retraction– You can do this exercise while sitting or standing. Maintain a proper posture of the body and move your chin to the front (as far as possible without causing strain). Then tuck it back into your neck.

Arm Circles– Position your upper body properly while standing straight near a wall. Move one arm slowly in a circular motion. Keep making big circles with the arm till the count of 10 in each direction. Then turn the around to repeat the same exercise with the other hand. 

Back Hand Clasp– Keep your hands over your lower back, both the palms touching each other. Slowly angle your upper back so that the shoulder blades are tucked together.

Neck Rolls– Rotate your head by using forward and sideways movements of the neck. You can do it by making a semicircular shape with the movement of your neck by moving it from one side to the other. Stop and repeat in reverse after 5 rotations.

These shoulder exercises can help you by relaxing your shoulders so that you can quickly resume your training.