Final Call for 2023 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon Elite Field

$20,000 prize purse includes Austin Marathon, Austin Half Marathon

High Five Events, one of the largest privately owned event production companies in the United States, is accepting applications from elite runners for the 2023 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon presented by Under Armour’s Elite Athlete Field.  Returning for its sixth year, the Elite Athlete Field creates a competitive field of elite male and female runners while discovering emerging talent, pushing the entire talent pool to reach Olympic standards. FloTrack’s live coverage highlights the competition amongst the elites, following runners throughout the event and showcasing their accomplishments throughout the broadcast. The 31st annual Austin Marathon, owned and produced by High Five Events, takes place February 19, 2023.

Runners accepted to the 2023 Austin Marathon/Half Marathon Elite Athlete Field will compete for a $20,000 prize purse. The Austin Marathon prize purse will total $15,000 and award the top five male and female finishers. The Austin Half Marathon purse will total $5,000 and award the top three male and female finishers. 

“Since reintroducing the program in 2017, we’ve seen the competition grow and overall times get faster,” said Jack Murray, co-owner of High Five Events.  “Several racers have hit Olympic Marathon Trials times which is exciting to see happen on Austin’s streets.”

Athletes accepted into the Elite Athlete Field must meet the program’s standards. Those that meet standards will receive a comped entry into The Austin Marathon or Half Marathon and a comped entry into the 3M Half Marathon. In addition to prize money, there is travel assistance, and bonus money available based on times achieved in the past three years and on race day.

To be eligible for prize money and reimbursement, athletes must be accepted into the Elite Athlete Field and start the race. All athletes are subject to random drug testing pre- and post-race. Read more about program details, including eligibility standards, here.  Interested athletes and coaches with questions can contact  Deadline for submissions is January 15, 2023.

High Five Events To Host Information Session for Potential Part-Time Staff

Multiple Event Opportunities in 2023 for Those Seeking Part Time Work

High Five Events, one of the largest privately owned event production companies in the United States, is offering a recruitment event for potential part time staff at the High Five Events office on January 5, 2023 at 6:30 PM in Austin, Texas.

Everyone is welcome to attend the session.  It will offer the opportunity for interested people to learn the basics of working part time at High Five Events.  There will be an opportunity for Q&A and to meet some full and part time staff.  

“Our part time staff is crucial to the success of each one of our multiple events,” said Dan Carroll, co-owner of High Five Events.  “This is a great opportunity for those interested in event production, learning more about the behind-the-scenes of running and triathlon events, and also for extra income or to meet new people.

No previous event experience is required, but willingness to work outside and on weekends is necessary for successful applicants.  Part time staff join the crew for the weekend days of the event, but many will work during the week leading up to the event as well.  

Below is the calendar of events for 2023 part time work: 

3M Half Marathon – January 22

Ascension Seton Austin Marathon – February 19

Statesman Cap10K – April 16

CapTex Tri – May 29

Livestrong Challenge – September 10

Kerrville Triathlon Festival – September 23 & 24

For those interested in becoming part of the crew, please complete this form to provide your contact information and if you will attend the session.

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Need ideas for the runner in your life? From blister-resistent socks to a high-tech watch, our 2020 holiday gift guide has you covered!

How to Fuel Your Training During the Holidays

How to Fuel Your Training During the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and along with that comes holiday treats, cookie swaps, family dinners, late-night snacks at parties, and more.

If you’re worried about how to include seasonal treats and fuel your training, never fear! Enjoying holiday treats will not automatically lead to poor results in training and performance, and there is a way to approach those holiday traditions that will enable you to maintain a healthy mindset and establish sustainable habits this holiday season. Use the following guidelines to support your training and promote recovery while enjoying traditional holiday favorites.

  • Continue to eat consistent, balanced meals and snacks with carbohydrates, protein, fat, and colorful fruit and vegetables throughout the day. “Saving up” for a holiday feast and skipping meals can set you up for unintentional overeating without satisfying your hunger. Additionally, skipping meals can lead to you missing out on the key nutrient timing opportunities around workouts that are needed for optimal performance and recovery.

  • Include your favorite holiday treats in your fueling plan. It’s much healthier for your mind and body if you include the foods that you enjoy in your fueling plan instead of trying to avoid them altogether or stressing over them.

  • At holiday gatherings, build a performance plate for runners. Fill half of your plate with colorful fruit or vegetables, one fourth of your plate with your favorite source of protein, and use the remainder of your plate for your favorite side dishes, snack type foods, or desserts.

  • If you are asked to bring an entree or side dish to a party, volunteer to bring one that is fruit or vegetable-based so you will have that as an option.

  • Savor your favorite treats. Don’t settle for a “healthy” version if it’s not what you really want to eat. If you look forward to Aunt Susie’s pumpkin pie every year, have a slice topped with whipped cream and enjoy it!

  • Drink alcohol in moderation. Drinking alcohol in excess can cause dehydration, interfere with sleep, and impair protein synthesis and muscle recovery. Additionally, having an alcoholic drink or two immediately after a workout could possibly prevent you from eating or drinking the nutrients your body will need for optimal muscle recovery. Have a recovery snack or meal prior to imbibing in alcohol, and know your personal limits.

  • If you do overindulge at a holiday gathering, don’t stress over it, and don’t feel as though you need to restrict food or exercise harder the following day to overcompensate. Give yourself some grace, proceed with your workouts as planned, and continue to have consistent, balanced meals with plenty of fluid.

Above all, remember that allowing yourself to enjoy good food with friends and family is an important part of a sustainable fueling plan. Food is more than fuel; it’s also memories, emotions, traditions, and social connections. A few days of holiday eating won’t derail your training, but stressing over every bite may have an effect on your mental and emotional health and may prevent you from fueling adequately in the future. Train hard, recover harder, eat foods that support your training and emotional/mental health, and don’t forget to have fun!

Written by: Maria Rowe, RDN, LDN, CPT

Instagram: @mariarowenutrition

Maria is a registered dietitian, personal trainer, and competitive masters runner. She helps athletes of all ages and abilities develop sustainable nutrition habits for athletic performance and life. She will be competing in the elite field of the 2023 3M Half Marathon and Ascension Seton Austin Marathon.