WANTED: Inspirational Running Stories

Share your inspirational running stories with us to win a 2020 entry of your choice

Runners create inspirational running stories when they run the Austin Marathon on behalf of a loved one!Everyone has a running story and running means something different to everyone. Share your inspirational running stories with us for a chance to win one of 25 entries (distance of your choice)! Since 1992, the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon has seen thousands of runners cross their first 26.2-mile finish line. In 2017, Kayleigh Williamson became the first athlete with Down syndrome to cross the Austin Half Marathon finish line. Countless individuals got their first taste of running at the Austin Marathon 5K benefitting Paramount Theatre. Runners from around the world have experienced something special on the streets of Austin. It’s time to get your running shoes on and some custom sunglasses. Nothing says you’re ready than having all the gear. We want to share that special moment!

What we want

Email us your running story and two high-res, original images. Your story can be about whatever you want. It can be about training for your first Austin Marathon (in 2020!), recent successes you’ve experienced, running on behalf of someone or something, or something extraordinary. We just want to know what running has done for you. Stories must be between 300-400 words. High-res images must be your own (or those that you’ve purchased or been given permission to use) and you must send the original image.

How to submit

Email your story and the two high-res images to by July 31st. Title the email My Running Story. Please provide hyperlinks to all of your social channels for sharing purposes. You have until July 30th to submit your inspirational running story. That means you can submit your story as early as today. We will contact winners and inform them of next steps. We’ll post your inspirational running stories to the Austin Marathon blog. The Austin Marathon will share your inspirational running stories on social media.


All submissions must adhere to the requirements. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. Winners will be contacted within ten business days of their submission. Winners will win an entry of their choice to the 2020 Austin Marathon, half marathon, or Austin Marathon 5K. Submissions will stop being accepted when 25 submissions have been accepted or on July 31st.

5 Summertime Running Tips to Beat the Heat

Stay in shape and beat the heat with these summertime running tips

They say Austin is the opposite of Winterfell… summer is coming. Some days it might feel like it’s already here! Make sure you take advantage of the few cool days and mornings that we have left. When summer finally arrives you’ll know it by the humidity in the mornings and the soaring heat in the afternoons. But that doesn’t mean you have to completely stop running. Implement our 5 summertime running tips to beat the heat. You’ll be that much more prepared for Ascension Seton Austin Marathon training when fall rolls around!


Oftentimes the most overlooked tip. Not because people don’t hydrate, but because people underhydrate. 30-50 fluid ounces is recommended daily. If you’re more active you’ll need to increase the amount. Make sure to incorporate a nice balance of water and a liquid with electrolytes. This 3M Half Marathon blog post will teach you more about the reasoning for proper hydration.

Protect yourself

If you run when the sun is out, protect yourself from its rays.

  • apply sweat-proof sunscreen before your run or workout
  • put on a hat or visor to protect your face
  • wear lighter colored clothes (dark colors absorb more heat) and sweat-wicking material
  • rock the shades (protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and glares from other objects)

Adjust schedule

It’s no secret that the mornings and evenings are cooler than the afternoon. Running/working out when it’s 15-20 degrees cooler can make all the difference. The last thing you want to do is overheat your body.

Pro tip: start your morning run from Barton Springs Pool and jump in after. Entrance is free before 8:00 a.m. This is a great way to cool your body down and relax your muscles.


You don’t have to stop running, but your mileage will decrease when you implement cross-training. This can be as simple as riding your bike on these shaded trails or swimming laps in one of Austin’s amazing pools. You could try goat yoga, Camp Gladiator workouts, or rock climbing. Remember to apply sunscreen if you’re outdoors. Feel like you’ve run out of things to do in Austin? These 5 non-running activities will get you going again!

Hit the trails

Get off the roads and hit the trails! Austin is crawling with amazing trails that you can run on. Running with nature gets you away from the asphalt (absorbs heat), away from cars and their exhaust, and closer to the trees (that provide shade) and creeks (where you can cool off if needed).

Pro tip: if you run with your dog on the trails, obey all city ordinances and make sure you pack water and a bowl (or that the creeks have running water).

Recommendations from Twitter

We asked Twitter “what’s one thing you always do/have/eat/drink before, during, or after your summer runs?” and received some great responses. We listed a few of them below!

@TheBeerRunner – Beer

@fashionablemileDrink: nuun – Do: change shoes/socks mid run + jump in pool post run

@Msnazzy – black coffee before, water during, and beer after

As you can see, there are many ways to beat the summer heat and stay in shape. Feel like you’ve run out of things to do in Austin? These 5 non-running activities will get you going again! You can apply all of these summertime running tips if you live outside of Austin.