Let’s Explore 5 Things To Do on Cesar Chavez

The new course has everyone excited! We will be highlighting some of the new neighborhoods that we will run through on race day. Stop by these awesome businesses as you explore the course and as a way to say thank you for supporting the Austin Marathon.

This month we explore Cesar Chavez. In the final miles, you will run down Cesar Chavez Street. This is a street that runs through a family neighborhood that is lined with great mom-and-pop shops as well as a variety of Austin based bars, restaurants, and favorite taquerias.


Take in the Sights

Home to many famous murals, like the David Bowie on the front of Austin Coworking Space Dwell Stronger, or the Selena Mural on the side of CycleEast. A stroll down Cesar Chavez is a “To-Do” in its own right with accessible street art and eye-catching buildings.


Austin Famous Food Trucks at the Finish Line Festival for Austin Marathon Half Marathon and 5K for Post Race Food

Eat Tacos – because, in Austin, TX about 75% of our conversations are about tacos we’ve eaten, are eating or are going to eat.

There are two big hitters in the Austin Taco scene, Veracruz All Natural Food Truck and Juan in a Million. Veracruz offers what has become known as the “Best Migas Taco in town” plus top-notch Agua Frescas, of which our fav is Cantaloupe. Juan in a Million offers the Don Juan, a deliciously huge taco which said to be able to feed a family of four, and the amazing hospitality of Juan Meza, who still shakes hands with everyone who walks through the doors.


Get Artsy

Come make stuff at Craft. Craft is Austin’s creative hub for DIY crafting, workshops, and events. Feeling a little less hands on? Wonder over to Resistencia Bookstore, an Arty bookseller, focusing on topics like indigenous culture & political activism, plus poetry slams, or visit grayDUCK Gallery, an inviting art gallery space where art is integral to everyday life.


Grab a Drink

Stop off at Blue Owl Brewing where you can swirl, sniff, and sip your way along your guided tasting, including our core offerings and rotating taps. No reservations required. Looking for more variety, just behind FloTrack Headquarters, you will find Luster Pearl East a great place for maybe some lawn games, group meetups with great variety and cocktails. Want to mix in a little live music as well? Hit up Stay Gold, they book great energetic bands in a small setting that you can enjoy inside or out on the patio while you enjoy a bevy of your choice.


Go Shop

Wigs, Makeup, and Sparkle- that is what you will find at Coco-Coquette. This place is a blast! Speaking of Party, you can get an amazing variety of party goods and pinatas at a store such as Raquel’s Party Land or Pinata Party Palace. Just need something quick, stop by Quickie Pickie, a funky all-day cafe & grocery store that has everything from dry goods to famous La Barbeque – and there we go talking about food again. 

These are just a few of the amazing places on Cesar Chavez. Do you have a favorite business or place around Cesar Chavez? Tweet us @Austin Marathon with #ExploreTheCourse.

Have fun exploring!