5 Reasons Why You’ll Love 2018 Austin Marathon Expo

The Austin Marathon isn’t the only thing to look forward to race weekend. The 2018 Marathon Health & Fitness Expo will be loaded with exciting and runner-friendly vendors. Whether you need last-minute racing gear or want to learn more about the pacing team, the Austin Marathon expo has what you need. Now, if you want to be able to have your very own exhibition at one of our expos, then having a look at somewhere like John Gibson Display stands might be a good start for you to be able to get trade show ready, and this time next year, you could have a stand of our own at our expo. For now though, keep an eye out for can’t-miss items below when you visit the Austin Marathon expo on Feb. 16th (1:00 – 7:00 p.m.) or 17th (10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.).

Official Austin Marathon Merch

Austin Marathon Gear

  • Make sure the Austin Marathon doesn’t pass you by without purchasing some additional official Austin Marathon gear to commemorate your accomplishment. Leave the Austin Marathon expo with sweet gear and show up on race day decked out! Austin Marathon merch will be sold at the Health & Fitness Expo until it sells out.

Austin Marathon Photo Booth

  • Be on the lookout when you’re at the Austin Marathon expo for the #RunAustin18 photo booth! Walk away with a memorable photo or GIF you can share on social media. Pics or GIFs or it didn’t happen. Need more? We’re giving away VIP experiences at this booth all weekend!

Sun Radio Live Broadcast

  • When you’re in your car driving home from work and you hit traffic, who’s there to make the commute more enjoyable? Sun Radio! Come and meet the station that plays “The Best Music Under the Sun.”

Pacer Panels

  • At this year’s Austin Marathon, get the chance to interact with the pacers. Don’t miss your chance ask your pacer any questions you may have. There will be two pacers panels at the pacer lounge (by the Cigna Health: Friday, Feb. 16th (4:00 p.m.) and Saturday, Feb. 17th (12:30 p.m.).

Clif Bar is our Official Nutrition.

All the Vendors

  • Get a chance to interact with some of your favorite brands. Clif Bar will be there to provide samples of everything from CLIF BLOKS to CLIF BARS. nuun will be there as well, supplying an array of electrolyte drink flavors. Try them all! Make sure you visit our good friends at Cap10K, Austin Massage Company, fitppl, Jack & Adam’s Fredericksburg, Motigo, Rookie Triathlon, SPIbelt, and all the other fantastic folks at the 2018 Austin Marathon Health & Wellness Expo!