Train with Fleet Feet to Run Your Strongest Austin Marathon

Take Austin Marathon weekend to the next level when you train with Fleet Feet

Whether you’re registered for the 2022 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon or the KXAN Simple Health 5K, training with a group can be one of the most rewarding parts of your running journey. Groups provide camaraderie, friendship, and accountability that can help you achieve more than you might on your own. Check out all the benefits you’ll experience Austin Marathon weekend when you train with Fleet Feet. 

Go further together when you train with Fleet Feet.

“There’s nothing quite like a training group when you’re getting ready for a race,” says Kate Schwartz, a Fleet Feet runner in Asheville, NC. “My fellow runners and I really bond over our shared miles and tough workouts. We’re there to motivate each other and celebrate once the hard work is over. In my experience, training with a group is more fun and more meaningful than training alone.”

To help you tap into the “special sauce” of group training this year, Fleet Feet stores around the country will host marathon, half marathon, and 5K training groups specifically for Austin Marathon weekend. Training begins in November and December, depending on your race distance and store location. 

Plus, with a Fleet Feet VIP Austin Marathon weekend package, you get special access to race weekend perks, discounts, and exclusive merchandise that you can experience with all your newly-made running friends. Still not convinced? Here are three reasons to train with Fleet Feet.

Running friends are your best friends

A 2014 study confirmed the statement that “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Specifically, the study identified that shared pain brings people together. While this may sound extreme, its application to running makes sense. When we push each other through tough workouts (like Schwartz describes above), that experience helps us stick together. 

Train with Fleet Feet experience Austin Marathon weekend like never before.

What’s more, when it comes to long-distance training, the long run serves as some of the best intentional conversation time we can have. Especially when we run without headphones or other distractions. Runners say that these miles have a big impact on their lives.

“Several of my longest and most fruitful friendships have been molded over the course of many shared miles,” says Ari Perez of Fleet Feet Austin, who spearheaded Fleet Feet’s local partnership with the Austin Marathon. “Something about the shared challenge and humility brought forth by the fatigue of countless miles—it’s difficult to replicate but easy to understand by those who share in the experience. And that, to me, is the beauty of running.”

The group provides accountability

When our schedules are jam-packed or we’re exhausted, it can be hard to get motivated. And that’s OK. Meeting a group provides the built-in motivation we need to get in our first step. And, when we find ourselves grumbling about the work ahead, it’s helpful to know that others are there with us. 

In this blog about accountability from RUNGRL x Fleet Feet, two friends discuss how regularly running together helps them stay on top of their goals. 

Group running can make us happier and more connected

There hasn’t been as much social interaction due to the pandemic. Spending time outdoors with others elevates our mood and helps us find meaning, connection, and contentment. According to a leader in loneliness research, Dr. Julianne Holt-Lumstad, who spoke with Fleet Feet for a podcast all about how our running community can help us live longer, feeling a part of a group also helps you live longer. And it’s hard to beat that science. 

Austin Marathon, Ascension Seton Agree to Title Sponsor Extension

Title sponsor extension is a result of significant growth since the original agreement in 2019

The Austin Marathon and Ascension Seton have agreed to a long-term title sponsor extension. The agreement will allow the collaboration to continue to grow, further benefiting the fitness community. In addition to growing secondary community events and expanding content creation opportunities, Ascension Seton will remain the Official Medical Provider. Since 2019, the collaboration has helped others establish healthier lifestyles, prevent avoidable injuries, and provide services for injured athletes to recover. The 30th annual Ascension Seton Austin Marathon presented by Under Armour, owned and produced by High Five Events, will take place on February 20, 2022.

Start line of the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon.

“Ascension Seton is excited to establish a long-term collaboration with the High Five Events team in support of the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon,” said Adam Bauman, Vice President of Orthopedics, Sports and Rehabilitation Services for Ascension Texas. “Over the past three years, our collaboration has helped encourage people to remain active in a way none of us anticipated due to the COVID pandemic. Ascension Seton remains committed to supporting our community and partners to ensure the Austin Marathon and other related events are sustainable well into the future.”

More than just a sponsor

As the Official Medical Provider, Ascension Seton doctors and nurses will staff the finish line medical tent and work with Travis County EMS on course. During race weekend, Team Ascension Seton will participate in all events, volunteer their time, and have a major presence at the Health and Fitness Expo. Outside of race weekend, they’ll continue to positively impact the local fitness community, providing knowledge and insight curated by Ascension Seton Sports Performance’s Dr. Jakob Allen.

“Our collaboration with Ascension Seton has grown over the years and significantly benefited the fitness community,” said Jack Murray, co-owner of High Five Events. “With this extension we expect that trajectory to grow for the foreseeable future as we come up with new ideas and build new opportunities.”

The Austin Marathon will celebrate its 30th year running in the capital of Texas in 2022. Austin’s flagship running event annually attracts runners from all 50 states and 35+ countries around the world. The start and finish locations are just a few blocks apart and within walking distance of many downtown hotels and restaurants. The finish line is in front of the picturesque Texas State Capitol. The Austin Marathon is the perfect running weekend destination. Registration is currently open. The next price increase is scheduled for Tuesday, November 30th.

3 Reasons to Buy Your Race-Day Shoes Now

Don’t wait any longer to buy your race-day shoes

Runners love their shoes and will defend their favorite pair(s) as being the best. We’re big fans of Under Armour’s latest, the Flow Velociti Wind. What all runners will agree with is that you don’t wear a new pair of shoes on race day! You want your shoes to be broken in, but without too many miles. Typically, a pair of running shoes will last 300-400 miles. If it’s time to buy a new pair, do it. Buying your race-day shoes now will give you plenty of time to get used to them. This will also keep you from running in old shoes that have lost their comfort, cushion, and support. Check out the 3 reasons to buy your race-day shoes now. Then schedule an appointment with our friends at Fleet Feet Austin and let them do what they do best!

Break-in race-day shoes

Break in your shoes at least 3-4 weeks before your event.

Whether it’s a new brand or the latest iteration of your favorite shoe, it will take some time for your feet to become comfortable with a brand-new pair. Your feet and shoes should achieve a nice harmony before race day to minimize the possibility of blisters and injury. Ideally, 3-4 weeks before the event will provide enough time for you to break in your race-day shoes. Continue to include running variety in your training to help you further break in your new pair of shoes.

Maximize cushion and support

Familiarizing your feet with new race-day shoes is a part of breaking them in. As shoe technology advances, they become better-equipped with cushioning, stability, and memory foams. To maximize the cushioning support you should alternate your race-day shoes along with your current pair leading up to your event. This will keep the mileage on your race-day shoes low and allow for the most cushion and support during your event. Don’t run in them 3-4 days before your event so the cushion has a chance to recover from the most recent run.

Avoid unfamiliarity on race day

Nothing new on race day, shoes included!

Every runner has heard the following: nothing new on race day. This goes for your shoes as well. Even if they’re the same version as your old pair, they could be slightly different. No two pairs are exactly the same. Your feet will need time to adjust to the new pair. Remember: you should only run in your running shoes. Use the 3-4 week timeline, mentioned earlier, as a guide in the minimum amount of time needed to become acclimated to your new pair of shoes.

Endurance training is never easy and you have to be well-prepared. Consistency and adequate nutrition/hydration will help you in ensuring success. Comfortable, cushioned, and supportive running shoes are a part of that equation too. Just make sure that you buy what you plan to wear at least 3-4 weeks in advance. This way you can break them in, maximize cushion and support, and follow the “nothing new on race day” rule.

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