Jeremy Tavares poses with his kid. His ultimate running goal will culminate with the 2020 Austin Marathon.

When you Get Knocked Down, Get Up and Run Again

Runner’s ultimate running goal to culminate with the Austin Marathon

Every runner has experienced the highs and low of running. Everyone experiences failure and success, from elite runners to the casual jogger who just started. The mental aspect of running is just as vital, if not more important than the physical. Jeremy Tavares encountered many of life’s hurdles during training for the 2019 Austin Half Marathon. He never toed the start line and was devastated. Read his edition of My Running Story to learn how he overcame that failure to create his ultimate running goal, his “Forty for Forty.”

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” – Vince Lombardi, legendary Green Bay Packers coach. 

Jeremy Tavares poses with his kid. His ultimate running goal will culminate with the 2020 Austin Marathon.Failure leads to inspiration

I trained for the 2019 Austin Half Marathon and failed miserably. As the sleep-deprived father of a two-month-old, my immune system was shot. I tried to push through, but persistent bronchitis kept winning out. Eventually, I was too far behind in my training to continue. At the time I was devastated. I really wanted to complete this race so I could have a nice shiny medal and a story to tell my son one day. At this point in my life, as I look back, it doesn’t really seem like I’ve accomplished much.

My ultimate running goal, “Forty for Forty”

Your character isn’t defined by how many times you get knocked down. It’s defined by how many times you get up. I was going through some of my running gear (shoes, cold-weather gear, etc…) wondering if I should toss or donate them when I thought about my ultimate running goal. I’ll be 40 years old in a few months. What if I made a commitment to celebrate this milestone by running 40 races. My “Forty for Forty” would start with a few 5Ks and build up to a couple of marathons. That sounded kind of epic! I couldn’t let the idea go. I thought about it all of the time. Sheesh, that would give me stories to tell my son with plenty left over for the grandkids!

2020 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon

Now, I’m training hard and eating smart. The commitment I’ve made to my ultimate running goal is as serious as any I’ve ever made in my life. My own father died at the age of 53. I want to surpass that. So, to get to the point, I’ll be back next year. My “Forty for Forty” will culminate with the 2020 Austin Marathon!

My Running Story is a series of blog submissions from runners just like yourself. They submitted their inspirational running stories as part of a contest to win an entry of their choice to the 2020 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon. Their stories range from crossing their first finish line to drastic lifestyle change due to running. Everyone’s story is different and unique, impacting them in a specific way. While each story is specific to the author, everyone can resonate in some form or fashion because of the power of running. Other My Running Story submissions include Kayleigh Williamson, Kirsten Pasha, Michael Coffey, Samantha Santos, Tom Hamann, Erica Richart, Angela Clark, and Rebecca Galvan.