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10 Ways to Have a Great 2021 Run Austin Experience

Ensure you have a great 2021 Run Austin experience when you follow our advice

We want y’all to have the best 2021 Run Austin experience possible! As you know, this year’s event will look a bit different. But don’t worry, we’re still planning an amazing in-person experience for all participants. We’ve worked with many different city, county, and state entities to provide a comprehensive Mitigation Plan with specific measures. We need you to follow these guidelines and protocols so every participant can have an amazing 2021 Run Austin experience. 

10 steps everyone needs to follow to Run Austin

1. Approach the start line at your designated time

Female runner smiles as she crosses the 2020 Austin Half Marathon finish line.

Follow these tips to have a memorable 2021 Run Austin experience.

This will be communicated to all participants via email and will be boldly printed on your bib. You can only start when it’s your designated time. This helps reduce on-course density and allows us to maintain the required social distancing measures. 

2. Stay at home if you’re sick or have symptoms of COVID-19

Don’t risk it! If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 stay home. Participants will be required to fill out a health survey before they can pick up their bib. We want to get back to live events as much as you do, but not at the expense of spreading this virus. If you stay home because of this you can either A or B. Email our team ( for more information.

3. Wear your mask

Signage will be placed to designate mask required zones so everyone is aware of where they are. When running, carry your mask with you so you can put it back on once you cross the finish line. Spectators are encouraged to wear masks as well. Masks will also be provided at the finish line.

4. Maintain social distance, even on course

One Texas Longhorn equals roughly six feet.

Keep groups to fewer than 10 people and maintain six feet of social distancing from others. In case you have a hard time visualizing it, six feet roughly equals the length of: 

5. Encourage friends and family to track you online

Spectators are highly discouraged at the start and finish lines. If your crew does come out they must follow all mask and social distancing rules. They should also stick to less dense parts of the course. Do not form groups of 10 or more. You can also have your friends and family use our athlete tracking so they can follow you from anywhere in the world. Just tell them to download the Austin Marathon app!

6. Use hand sanitation stations

Make sure you get all your questions answered before race day.

Keep ‘em clean! There will be plenty of these stations at the start and finish lines and aid stations. Take advantage of them. Our team will ensure specific high-touch areas are regularly cleaned, but it’s strongly recommended that you take advantage of these hand sanitation stations as needed. 

7. Ask questions before race day

We know you’ll have questions and our team works overtime to make sure you have the information you need. To streamline and limit in-person interactions, we’re asking that you ask questions before race day. There’s a ton of helpful information currently on our site. If you do have questions, ask us on social media, use the live chat on our website, or send us an email at

8. Finish and celebrate Austin

You’ve crossed the finish line. CONGRATS! This year we’re asking that you cross the finish line, grab your post-race goodie bag, and safely visit one of the Austin restaurants and bars we’ve partnered with. Since we can’t party in the beer garden and celebrate with live music, this is the next best option! We’re partnering with some awesome businesses to offer deals for runners. Check your pre-race emails for all the details. BONUS – you’ll also have a much-needed impact on the Austin economy and all of our friends in the service industry.

9. Share with us on social

Cross the finish line and celebrate with Austin.

We don’t get to celebrate together like we normally do, but we still want to know about your accomplishments! You’ve put in months of training and finally crossed that finish line. We want to hear about your experience and join the celebration virtually. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tag Austin Marathon when sharing your race-day experience!

10. Read the Mitigation Plan

This one might be obvious, but it’s also important. Countless hours have gone into the creation of this Mitigation Plan. By familiarizing yourself with this information you are helping yourself and your fellow runner have a great 2021 Run Austin experience. 

Ensure you and all the other participants have a memorable 2021 Run Austin experience by following the 10 recommendations and our Mitigation Plan. A successful Austin Half Marathon and 5K can be the blueprint for large-scale endurance events returning.