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4 Staff Favorite Taco Recipes that You Have to Try

Spice up your dinner plans with these tasty Siete taco recipes

We’re big fans of the products from our newest partner, Siete Family Foods. The Austin-based company has quickly become the leading health-conscious Mexican-American food brand on the market. We’re putting one of their delicious products, the grain-free Sea Salt Tortilla Chips, in all post-run goodie bags. But they’re more than just their products! They have so many amazing recipes. We LOVE tacos so of course we zeroed in on their taco recipes. Once we cleaned up the drool, we saved these 4 Siete taco recipes for ourselves and are sharing the taco love with you!

Papas con chorizo

These papas con chorizo tacos are the perfect post-long run snack. You know, that weekend long run where you have a little more free time and a strong desire for tacos? The recipe is straightforward, simple, and includes Siete’s Chorizo Seasoning Skillet Cooking Spice. You’ll be eating these gluten- and grain-free tacos in less than an hour.

Serves – 4 | Prep time – 10 minutes | Cook time – 40 minutes

Pork carnitas

Have you ever returned home after setting a slow cooker with that night’s dinner? The smell will bring a smile to your face, especially if you’re slow-cooking a pork shoulder for these pork carnitas tacos. Don’t have that much time, no worries! Use an instant pot and pressure cook the pork for 35 minutes. Try not to drool too much if you follow this recipe’s video

Serves – 4 | Prep time – 15 minutes | Cook time – 7 hours

Veggie picadillo

These delicious veggie picadillo tacos are perfect for vegans and vegetarians. Make sure you are ready to feed a crew because this recipe serves 6-8. Or you can enjoy these tacos two nights in a row. Trust us, we’ve done that. This is a taco-free judgment zone. 

Serves – 6-8 | Prep time – 30 minutes | Cook time – 50 minutes

Chipotle fish

Need a quick and healthy recipe for date night? These chipotle fish tacos will get the job done. The recipe serves two and the prep and cook time is roughly 45 minutes. Make it a meal you can both prepare by following their 71-second recipe video. 

Serves – 2 | Prep time – 30 minutes | Cook time – 15 minutes

You love tacos. We love tacos. Everyone loves tacos! These 4 Siete taco recipes are delicious and have something for everyone. If you’re looking for more healthy recipes that don’t take much time to prepare, these 10 recipes are a great place to start. You can also sign up for the Siete Foods newsletter where they share even more great recipes!