Kirsten met the love of her life on Valentine's Day at the Austin Half Marathon.

Valentine’s Day Running Love Story

How two runners fell in love on Valentine’s Day

Kirsten met the love of her life on Valentine's Day at the Austin Half Marathon.

Kirsten met the love of her life on Valentine’s Day at the 2014 Austin Half Marathon.

People expect many outcomes from running. They want to get healthier. Fit into an old pair of jeans. Make new friends. But seldom do two people fall in love because of running. Well, that’s exactly what happened on Valentine’s Day before the 2014 Austin Half Marathon! Read how Kirsten met the love of her life before running 13.1 miles in the next installment of My Running Story.

Running gave them more than they ever imagined

In 2014, I ran the Austin Half Marathon for the first time. That year it took place on Valentine’s Day. While stretching on the side of the road, I noticed a very cute, sleepy guy snoozing on the sidewalk next to me. I laughed and asked him if he was ready to run 13.1 miles. He looked up at me with big, sleepy eyes and smiled. My heart skipped a beat. 

He quickly woke up and we had a lovely chat. Before I knew it the race had started and he disappeared into the crowds. The entire race I hoped I’d run into him again at the post-race celebrations. When I crossed the finish line I took out my phone to find my friend. I had a friend request from the sleepy guy! He memorized my bib number, looked up my full name at the race time station, and found me on Facebook. I asked him out and we’ve been together ever since.

We are now married and just welcomed a daughter into our family. We’d love to run the Austin Half Marathon together again in 2020. We would commemorate that Valentine’s Day morning six years ago when we met and fell in love. The Austin Marathon helped me find everything I hold most dear in life. This is my love story.

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