5 Reasons It’s Important to Add Running Variety to Your Training

Adding running variety to your training is critical to your growth as a runner

Everyone’s fitness goals vary, but one thing that remains common in all forms of training is the goal to accomplish growth. Most beginner runners train with the same routine every day. Even running the same route gets monotonous. This is exactly why adding running variety can tackle that boredom and help you become a better runner in the process. Below are five reasons why you should add running variety to your training! Pro tip: when building your training plan, add in variations of these 9 different types of runs.

Build endurance

If you’re running the same course every day at the same speed there is little to no chance for growth. It will keep you fit, but it won’t help you grow. Incorporating different types of running and using different routes will slowly build your endurance. You’ll work and strengthen different muscles which will help with your ability to run for longer periods of time. Use these 10 healthy recipes for busy runners to provide your body with the fuel it needs to build endurance.

Increase muscle definition

Keeping true to your everyday training is certainly good. But the problem arises when you hit a plateau with your training and there are no visible changes in your body. This can be disheartening for some. Runners notice an increase in the definition of their leg muscles when adding high-intensity sprints to their training. Follow these 7 tips to increase your speed when you add speed training.

Reduce fatigue and injuries

When we run, our muscles experience fatigue. Runners can tackle fatigue or avoid cramps by simply changing their running type. If you run the same route all the time you’ll use the exact same set of muscles. You won’t activate other muscle groups. When the time comes to use muscle groups that haven’t been worked your chances for injury increase. If you experience fatigue that might be a sign you need to take a day off from running.

Keep it interesting

Boredom is something that can make us dislike even things we like. Running is no exception. When you add running variety there is a kind of excitement associated with it. You find yourself looking forward to the run. You might explore a new route, visit a different part of your city, or run past an amazing mural.

Build a well-rounded plan

Incorporating running variety into your training program ensures every day presents something different. Your body won’t know what to expect and that is exactly what makes variety bear fruit. Different types of runs have varying effects on our body and when combined, our bodies evolve as a whole instead of targeting a single part.

Well, now you know the benefits of adding running variety to your training. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at these 9 types of runs you can include in your routine. Once you’ve planned that out, it’s time to get running!

Boyer Helped Fundraise Thousands, Cruised Through Austin Marathon

Boyer helped fundraise more than $21,000 for Dell Children’s Heart Program

On Saturday morning, Feb. 13, Nate Boyer toed the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon start line ready to take on his first 26.2-miler. He was joined on that sub-freezing morning by Austin Marathon staff on bikes and the Ascension Seton support truck. Despite the Austin Marathon’s original February date being postponed until April 25th, Boyer remained committed to his goal of completing his first marathon and fundraising for Dell Children’s Heart Program. Boyer’s official time was 3:12:37. To date, he has helped fundraise $21,091 thanks to a generous matching grant from Moody Foundation, presenting partner of Austin Marathon Gives

“When things got tough, I ran with my heart knowing the money I helped fundraise will give kids the opportunity to follow their heart later in life,” said Boyer, former Green Beret, Texas Longhorn, and Seattle Seahawk. “I can’t thank the High Five Events’ staff and the Ascension Seton professionals enough. They helped keep me safe, reach my goal, and most importantly, stay on course!”

How others pitched in and opened their hearts

Nate Boyer covers his heart with his right hand as the National Anthem played before he ran 26.2 miles on Austin’s streets. Boyer helped fundraise more than $21,000 for Dell Children’s Heart Program.

Boyer and his efforts were supported in several different ways, including the $10,000 matching grant from The Moody Foundation. Individuals donated to his fundraising page, participants signed up to virtually run with Nate, and limited-edition Run Austin Love Austin gear was sold. High Five Events, owners and producers of the Austin Marathon, donated proceeds from registrations and the gear to Nate’s campaign. The limited-edition Run Austin Love Austin gear is still available. Everyone who has registered received a virtual goody bag. The virtual good bag featured exclusive offers from partners like Fleet Feet Austin, SPIbelt, nuun, and GU Energy. Other well-known Austin establishments like Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ, Home Slice, and Hula Hut provided deals too.

“This was a great way to recognize the 30th annual Austin Marathon’s original weekend, support Nate’s efforts, and fundraise for the new Dell Children’s Heart Program,” said Jack Murray, co-owner of High Five Events. “We’re equally as excited for the Austin Half Marathon on April 25th and the participants who will continue to fundraise for Austin Marathon Gives nonprofits.”

The April 25th date will feature the Austin Half Marathon and KXAN SimpleHealth 5K. The start and finish locations are just a few blocks apart. They are within walking distance of many downtown hotels and restaurants. The finish line is in front of the picturesque Texas State Capitol. The Austin Marathon is the perfect running weekend destination. Registration for the in-person event on April 25th is open. Runners can also select from virtual half marathon and 5K options.

Additional photo credits given to Ari Perez and Mike Thompson.

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Join Nate Boyer and Run with Heart for Dell Children’s

Run with heart and join Nate Boyer in supporting Dell Children’s Heart Program

Nate Boyer, former Green Beret, Texas Longhorn, and Seattle Seahawk has always followed his heart. Like when he decided to serve our country and when he taught himself to long snap leading to his career in the NFL. His decision to run his first marathon and fundraise for the new Dell Children’s Heart Program is no different. And you have the opportunity to join Nate Boyer and make a difference!

Nate Boyer carries the American flag for the Texas Longhorns before a home game. Courtesy of Nate Boyer.

Boyer leads the Texas Longhorns onto the field before a home game. Image courtesy of Nate Boyer.

“Now’s a time when we need to love ourselves and one another,” said Boyer. “2021 is a year where we have an opportunity to do things differently, do them better.”

Boyer’s fully committed

Boyer is committed to running the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon, his first marathon, on Valentine’s Day weekend despite many obstacles. The Austin Marathon, originally set for February 14th, was canceled because of COVID-19. The Austin Half Marathon and KXAN SimpleHealth 5K were moved to April 25th.

Boyer will follow his heart and stick with his plan to run the Austin Marathon on Valentine’s Day weekend. He’s raising funds for Dell Children’s Heart Program and you can join him! See below for all the ways you can take part. As a Longhorn, Boyer and some teammates would visit Dell Children’s before games. Those visits left an enduring mark on both patients and players. 

Nate Boyer smiles for the camera in front of a Humvee while serving as a Green Beret. Image courtesy of Nate Boyer.

Boyer served our country as a Green Beret. Image courtesy of Nate Boyer.

“I’ve always wanted to run a marathon and I’m fully committed to my goal,” said Boyer. “When things get tough I’ll run with my heart knowing the money raised will give kids the opportunity to follow their heart later in life.”

Boyer is a philanthropist, humanitarian, and the oldest rookie in NFL history at age 34. Being a member of both the military veteran and athlete community, he saw an opportunity to team up both populations to tackle their transition struggles together through his charity Merging Vets & Players (MVP). He currently works in film and TV as a producer, director, actor, and host. Among several other projects, he currently produces and hosts the NFL Network show: Indivisible with Nate Boyer. It features NFL cities, players, and community leaders across America. They discuss issues relevant to their communities and how football unites us all to solve these problems.

How you can help make a heart-filled difference

  1. Donate to Boyer’s fundraising page! Every dollar donated will be doubled up to $10,000 thanks to a generous grant from Moody Foundation, presenting sponsor of Austin Marathon Gives.
  2. Sign up to virtually run with Boyer! Receive a limited-edition Love Austin virtual finisher medal and a virtual swag bag with discounts around town so you can go show Austin some love. Run all 26.2 miles or you can do any distance you choose! Sign up here!
  3. Run the Austin Half Marathon or 5K on April 25th! When you register you can select to create your own charity campaign to raise money for Team Dell Children’s.
  4. Purchase a shirt! Through February 14th, 50% of profits from the Run Austin Love Austin shirts will go directly to Boyer’s fundraising page for Dell Children’s Heart Program!
  5. Follow along on social! Follow Boyer’s 26.2-mile journey through Austin during Valentine’s Day weekend on our Facebook and Instagram. Join us for the virtual afterparty and share photos from your own virtual run with Boyer. Use #RunAustinLoveAustin and encourage others to help support the campaign.