Try these 7 South Austin Lunch Spots Along the Austin Marathon Course

These seven South Austin lunch spots are all Austin originals

South Austin is one big melting pot. This list of seven south Austin lunch spots perfectly exemplifies this! From grilled cheese to barbecue, everything on this list offers something different. If you’re visiting friends or making plans for the Austin Marathon, add these lunch places to your must-visit list. Check them out and Miles 1-6 of the Austin Marathon course at the same time! Want more south Austin recommendations? These lists of breakfast spots and coffee shops should get you started.

Picture of the Waylon & Willie from Burro Cheese, one of our favorite south Austin lunch spots along the Austin Marathon course.

Snag the Waylon & Willie! Credit – Burro Cheese Facebook.

Burro Cheese (Mile 1)

Don’t look at the name and dismiss this as a food for children. Burro Cheese (1221 S. Congress Ave.) is next-level and combines artisan cheeses, homemade sauces, and fluffy breads. Burro has served delectable grilled cheese sandwiches to the masses since February 2013. Whether you’re from Texas or just visiting, we strongly recommend the Long Tall Texan or the Waylon and Willie. 

Güero’s Taco Bar (Mile 1.5)

When Texas food is mentioned most people immediately think Tex-Mex and they wouldn’t be wrong. But Güero’s Taco Bar (1412 S. Congress Ave.) is just a bit different. They’ve prepared Mexican food with a hint of Tex-Mex for 30 years. Their menu can be overwhelming… in a good way. They have something for everyone, plus their tortillas and salsas are homemade. Whatever you decide to eat, wash it down with a hand-shaken margarita.

Picture of different pizza slices from Home Slice Pizza, one of our favorite south Austin lunch spots along the Austin Marathon course.

In crust we trust. Credit – Home Slice Facebook.

Home Slice (Mile 1.5)

This South Congress staple has the best of both worlds (1415 S. Congress Ave.): you can dine-in or you can call ahead and pick up your pie. Home Slice’s New York-style pizza is making the world a better place, one slice at a time. We can brag about their pizza all day, but their salads, subs, and calzones really make this joint the perfect place for friends to gather after the Austin Marathon. 

Lucy’s Fried Chicken (Mile 2)

Picture of a bucket of fried chicken from Lucy's, one of our favorite south Austin lunch spots along the Austin Marathon course.

Can’t go wrong with a bucket of fried chicken. Credit – Lucy’s Facebook.

Lucy’s (2218 College Ave.) is open seven days a week and their brunch is as legendary as their lunch. If you keep waffling on what to get, just order the Chicken Basket. You won’t be disappointed. Make sure you save room for dessert and their homemade pies! When you go there for lunch, you might want to set aside some time for a post-lunch siesta (nap)!

LeRoy and Lewis (Mile 3)

This once up-and-comer on the Texas barbecue scene has firmly established themselves as one of the best. They even made our top Austin barbecue spots list! LeRoy and Lewis (121 Pickle Rd.) offers non-traditional meats like beef cheeks and barbacoa. They pair them perfectly with their ever-rotating side options. You can still get your brisket on the weekends, but their masterful ability to smoke different meats allows you to expand your horizons. They change their menu a lot. Stay up-to-date with their Instagram!

Picture of the outdoor seating at Fresa's, one of our favorite south Austin lunch spots along the Austin Marathon course.

Sit underneath the massive shade trees at Fresa’s. Credit – Fresa’s Facebook.

Fresa’s (Mile 5)

The Tex-Mex at this Austin original (1703 S. 1st St.) is perfect for sharing with friends and family. If you’re thinking Fresa’s tacos are good then you are correct. Before you order, start off with the Chipotle Bacon Guacamole (you’re welcome). Looking for a vegetarian option? We recommend the Crispy Brussel Sprouts and Grilled Sweet Potatoes. If it’s a beautiful day, sit underneath the massive shade trees. Pro tip: this location offers happy hour prices all day every day to folks seated at the bar! 

Elizabeth Street Cafe (Mile 5.5)

Switch it up a bit at Elizabeth Street Cafe (1501 S. 1st St.). This Vietnamese cafe and French bakery opened in December 2011. They’ve served South Austin fresh-baked pastries ever since. You might think this is an odd combination, but try their pho and follow it up with something sweet. You’ll be hooked! They also have a full bar featuring different sakes and Japanese whiskeys.

We curated this list of south Austin lunch spots. Now the question is where do you begin? To tell you the truth, you can’t go wrong. Just pick a place and get started. Welcome to south Austin! Did your favorite south Austin lunch spot not make the list? Let us know what it is on Facebook or Twitter.

Best Austin BBQ (that we’ve eaten)

Austin BBQ spoils people from all over on a daily basis

The Austin BBQ scene is a haven for those who crave perfectly smoked meats. Whether you’re a unicorn (born in Austin) or you recently moved here, there are places all over town where you can quiet your meatatarian urges. The Austin Marathon is entering its 28th year and we’ve witnessed firsthand the Austin BBQ explosion. We’ve done our best to visit as many Austin BBQ places as we can. After we arose from each meat-induced slumber we jotted down some notes about our favorites places. Might be a while before we recover from this BBQ frenzy. Maybe the next time we have one will be at home, although our BBQ is slightly knackered. This is why I’ve been looking at getting a new Weber BBQ. I must admit I may have a small break first! Check out the five best spots (in no particular order) where we’ve consumed smoked meats. Try our recommendations after your next intense speed workout or long run.

Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ is some of the best Austin BBQ.

The Real Deal Holyfield: bacon, brisket, fried egg.

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ (short/medium wait in line)

Valentina’s is a south Austin, family-owned joint that combines two Texas favorites: Tex Mex and BBQ. Everyone who visits this establishment (1150 Manchaca Rd. 78745) wins. Their hashtag is #hechoconamor and that is clearly evident in everything they do, from giant, peppery beef ribs to their homemade queso. Here’s the kicker, they don’t just have BBQ… THEY HAVE TACOS. Pro tip – get the Real Deal Holyfield before 11:00 a.m.

Kerlin BBQ (short wait in line)

Two words – brisket kolaches. Kerlin BBQ took two Texas staples and merged them into a slightly sweet, doughy, brisket-filled pouch of perfection. Get there early (they open at 9:00 a.m. Wed-Sun) because the kolaches go quickly. This east Austin spot is making noise as a powerhouse. But you can still get amazing ‘cue (brisket, pork ribs, hot links) without waiting in an extremely long line. Get there now because that won’t last. (watch the Austin Marathon in-person at Mile 24.5 and cheer on runners!)

La Barbecue (medium/long wait in line)

Skip a few blocks west and you’ll discover one of Austin’s OGs on the BBQ scene. They’ve lived in several different spots in Austin, but one thing remains the same: La Barbecue knows how to smoke meats. Their brisket is a crowd favorite and sells out quickly. If you manage to get one, the beef ribs are as big as your head. Sausage is made in-house. Every choice is the right choice. (watch the Austin Marathon in-person at Mile 24.5 and cheer on runners!)

Some of the best Austin BBQ is at LeRoy and Lewis.

LeRoy and Lewis are turning heads with their fresh creations.

LeRoy and Lewis (short wait in line)

Their slogan “New school barbecue, old school service” perfectly encapsulates this truck. Their South Congress location means they’re a stone’s throw from the office High Five Events, owners and producers of the Austin Marathon. They serve alternative meats (tender beef cheek) and creative, seasonal sides (Pakistani street corn). They stick to the originals (brisket, ribs, sausage) but add their own twist, taking flavors to another level. Pro tip: their brisket fried is a must-have when available on the ever-changing menu.

Micklethwait (short/medium wait in line)

For some odd reason, Micklethwait flies under the radar when it comes to Austin BBQ. The smoked meats are always perfect when you pick them up outside their trailer window. Make sure you’ve been working out, their beef ribs normally weigh 1.5 pounds. While the meats are mouthwatering, their sides and desserts are what elevate their game. You must get the Jalapeño Cheese Grits and Banana Pudding. Pro tip – when they make homemade moon pies it’s illegal to not get one. Don’t break the law.