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Runcation: 6 Signs You Need a Running Vacation

These 6 indicators mean it’s time to start planning your runcation

Runners can’t help it, we’re hard-wired to run as often as possible, even while on vacation. Many runners take this to the next level and plan their vacation around a marathon or half marathon, aka runcation. Runners love this combo because you enjoy all the perks of vacation and get to experience something you love in a new place! If you’re thinking about your next runcation, chances are you’re experiencing at least one of these six signs. If you are, register for the 30th annual Ascension Seton Austin Marathon today and begin planning your Austin runcation!  

Plan your next runcation in Austin! Credit – Pat Wong

6 signs you need a runcation

  • Experiencing burnout

Burnout is real. So is stress and anxiety. Whether it’s personal, professional, the day-to-day grind, or all of the above, burnout can have negative consequences on your mental and physical health. We know that running can reduce stress and anxiety.

Build your training plan and take a few days for yourself or plan a weekend getaway with your partner. Set your out-of-office auto-responder and start to unplug and unwind. Come to Austin, enjoy some live music, visit the on-course murals, and allow yourself to recharge. Remember to enjoy the sights and sounds when running Austin’s streets. Pro tip: stop and reward yourself if you come across a bandit mimosa and/or bacon aid station!

  • Want a change of running scenery

You’ll love all of the amazing on-course murals.

We know you love your routes, roads, and trails at home. But sometimes you need a change of running scenery! A runcation is the perfect answer. Even though you check the course map 100 times, you still never know what to expect on race day. We might be a little biased, but the Austin Marathon course has it all! Every step has amazing downtown views, live music on course, countless spectators, bandit aid stations providing mimosas, beer, bacon, etc., beautiful murals, and so much more.

  • Planning a ladies/guys/kid-free runcation

Is the group text alive with chatter about the next trip with your girlfriends? Are you looking for a different bachelor party idea? Do you and your partner need a kid-free weekend? Yep, an Austin runcation is an excellent answer to all of these questions! There’s something for everyone, no matter what you want to do. Your trip can be as action-packed or relaxed as you want. Explore the Greenbelt, shop on South Congress, eat at some of Austin’s best restaurants, jump in Barton Springs, or relax at the spa. Just remember: the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon start at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday!

  • Itching to explore a new city/state

Get your crew together and Run Austin! Credit – Ed Sparks

Or re-visit a city/state that you absolutely love, like Austin, Texas! Maybe your goal is to run a marathon or a half in all 50 states. Perhaps you love crossing the finish line and celebrating at the Austin Marathon’s 3-block-long finish line festival complete with a beer garden, local food trucks, and live music. Either way, Austin is the perfect place for your runcation! We’ll help you get started. Check out the hotels near the start and finish lines, a local’s guide to Austin’s best views, and runner-recommended places to carb load.

  • Missing friends and family

If you haven’t been able to visit friends and family, do just that during a running vacation. Don’t let distance get in the way of reconnecting with loved ones in-person and discovering a new city. This is one of the better ways to plan your runcation because they’ll know the best places to eat, shop, see, and run. Better yet, you can possibly stay with them and not have to book a hotel! Once you have a plan, set your training goals accordingly.

  • Can’t remember your last one

Plan your Austin runcation and make this your next finish line.

If you have to think for more than 5 seconds about your last vacation, it’s been too long. Whatever your reason for a running vacation, start planning your next one today if you haven’t had one in quite some time. Whether you’re flying solo, with your partner, or friends and family, this is your next opportunity to make new running memories. Don’t want to travel alone? Follow our advice and convince your friend to train for the Austin Half Marathon and join you.

  • Bonus: Why the Austin Marathon is the Perfect Runcation

    • Start and finish lines downtown
    • Spectacular views of Austin
    • Tons of post-race freebies
    • Thousands of cheering spectators
    • 3 different distances (marathon, half marathon, 5K)
    • Belt buckle finisher medals

Plan your next runcation and get ready to visit a new place, recharge your batteries, visit friends/family, make new memories, or all of the above! That’s the beauty of a running vacation, it’s all up to you, including the distance you run.