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You Know You’re a Runner When You Do These 10 Things

10 ways to know if you’re a runner

Runners are quirky and habitual. We’re particular and proud of our accomplishments. Really proud! Our community is thriving. It’s the backbone that keeps you training and chasing your goals. Whether you’ve been running for years or are training for your first event, you’re a runner. But there are few other indicators that really let you know if you’re a runner. We recently conducted some important Facebook research and asked you how you know if you’re a runner. There were many great responses, but we selected our 10 favorite and posted them below. Not sure if you’re a runner? You’ll know soon enough! 

Indicators that confirm what we all suspect

Elle Esochea Grunert

  • When everything is a countdown!

We’re starting a list, so why not start it with a countdown too? Nine more ways to tell if you’re a runner in 3… 2… 1…

Raquel Lozano McCain

  • You point out to your friends and family all the roads you run on while y’all are in the car.

This is definitely more fun with other runners in the car. Because we’ve done this with non-runners (and that’s the Austin Marathon start line!) and they just turn up the volume or try to change the conversation.

Brian Karl Pfeiffer

  • You say “I only went on a 5-mile run this morning.”

We’re all guilty of this. While other runners will ask you where, your pace, and what taco you had after, non-runners will have a shocked look on their face and questioningly repeat the distance.

Samantha Guajardo

  • Talk about bowel movements more than others!

Does this one really need a description?!

Whitney Greene

  • Keep a pair of running shoes in your car, just in case.

Because you never know what might happen throughout the day. We also keep an extra set of clothes with our shoes. And if it’s hot outside, a towel and an extra set of clothes.

Lesley Shearer

  • Wake up early on your day off… so you can run.

Have you ever sworn that you’re going to sleep in on an off day? Yeah, we have too…

Jimmy Allen

  • You’re on family vacation and all you care about is where you’re going to run or if there’s a local run taking place nearby.

Runners are habitual, vacation included. This is often the best way to explore a new city! And if you’re up early, you’ll often have your route to yourself or run into local runners.

Mary Hickson

  • Run past your house to even out time or mileage.

Alright, we admit, this isn’t all runners. But there’s a large segment of our community that will jog circles if needed just to get to an even number.

Patti Grant

  • Slow down when driving to see if the runner you’re passing is someone you know.

And when you recognize them you slow down even more, roll down the window, quickly cheer for them, and honk loudly as you drive off. If this has happened to you while running you all about the jolt of energy you get and the smile that crosses your face!

Rochelle Ray

  • You get FOMO every time there’s a running event you didn’t sign up for.

This happens. Every. Time. This is why we’ll take a moment to say don’t get FOMO for the 30th annual Ascension Seton Austin Marathon! The marathon distance, beer garden, and post-race live music will be back on February 20, 2022. The only thing we need is all you runners to help us celebrate! Who knows, you might discover more ways to know you’re a runner on your journey to the finish line!

It should be pretty clear that if you’ve made it this far you’re a runner. So now what do you do? It’s obvious! Go for a run, keep going until you reach an even number, tell someone about it afterward, and make plans to join us for our 30th anniversary!