How the Austin Marathon course became the World’s Longest Fashion Runway

Every once in a while an idea that seems unattainable begins to slowly take shape. Thoughts fall into place piece by piece. Dreams become action. Others get involved. What once seemed out of reach now has the support of a community. That idea gains traction and comes to life, taking everyone involved along for the ride of a lifetime. That breakdown essentially sums up how Drake and Roy Muyinza turned the 2020 Ascension Seton Austin Marathon course into the World’s Longest Fashion Runway. Come along for the ride as we run 26.2 miles with Drake, learn about his outfit changes, and understand why he wanted to turn the Austin Marathon into the World’s Longest Fashion Runway!

Drake Muyinza flashes a big smile in his first outfit at the Austin Marathon start line. He turned the 26.2-mile course into the World's Longest Fashion Runway!

Credit – Roy Muyinza.

Start line of the world’s longest fashion runway

Radiant Babe Vintage provided the start line outfit. It was chosen as the “opening number” for its theatrical feeling. The owner’s collection is all about gold, shine, and showtime. This was the flashiest way to start the Austin Marathon and get the crowds excited.

Change 1 (Mile 4)

The second outfit came from Ephrance Vintage. They’re all about playful color blocking and happiness. Their Austin Marathon outfit was meant to resemble a clown or court jester who entertains his spectators. Drake definitely put on a show all 26.2 miles!

Change 2 (Mile 8)

Oddballl Vintage provided the third outfit. Oddball was created by two Texas lovebirds who encompass 60’s flower child mixed with 90’s bubblegum sunshine. Oddballl’s Austin Marathon look incorporated a wool blazer, making it arguably the most difficult to run in, but most unconventionally satisfying. 

Drake Muyinza poses in his fourth outfit during the Austin Marathon. He turned the 26.2-mile course into the World's Longest Fashion Runway!

Credit – Roy Muyinza.

Change 3 (Mile 12)

No one does vintage graphic tees better than Bleach Black. They take a more laid-back approach on hard to find rock ‘n’ roll finds. Their Austin Marathon look included a vintage tee with Spuds MacKenziea fictional dog character used extensively in Bud Light beer ad campaigns during the late 1980s.

Change 4 (Mile 16)

Wingtip has a great eye and is always first to get the good stuff. Their collection is varied, but top-notch on all the classic animal prints, denim, leather, and florals. A crowd favorite during the Austin Marathon, their look featured a trippy and wacky colored blazer that was worn open and flowed in the wind as Drake ran. 

Change 5 (Mile 20)

Think Miami Vice meets Dynasty. Bitchy Vintage’s highly-curated finds are all about the 1980s, from full business suits to flashy neon swimsuits. For the Austin Marathon, Drake’s Bitchy outfit included a silky smooth jumpsuit that gave everyone Fresh Prince vibes.

Drake Muyinza poses in his fifth outfit during the Austin Marathon. He turned the 26.2-mile course into the World's Longest Fashion Runway!

Credit – Roy Muyinza.

Change 6 (Mile 24 – finish)

The only non-vintage Austin Marathon look, Bantu is a Ugandan-based international designer brand run by Drake’s friend Clare Asiimwe. Her award-winning creations can be found on red carpets across Africa and she is the recipient of the 2019 Revolution Fashion contest. Her Austin Marathon look was designed specifically to feel “cape-like” with traditional Ugandan patterns and colors – a nod to Drake’s heritage and the perfect finale.

Official Austin Marathon Afterparty

What do you do after you run the World’s Longest Fashion Runway? You celebrate at Hen House of course! Drake, Roy, and the entire crew celebrated their race-day accomplishments at one of the Austin Marathon’s Official Afterparties. 

Thanks for joining us and going on Drake’s journey along the World’s Longest Fashion Runway! This experience was one the Austin Marathon won’t soon forget. The energy and excitement is what the Austin Marathon is all about!

Plus, we found another way to keep Austin weird. BONUS – the runway didn’t stop at the finish line, plans are in the works to turn Drake’s experience into a documentary and you can stay up-to-date!

Drake Muyinza crosses the finish line in his final outfit during the Austin Marathon. He turned the 26.2-mile course into the World's Longest Fashion Runway!

Credit – Roy Muyinza

Special thanks to everyone involved who helped make the World’s Longest Fashion Runway come to life at the Austin Marathon! They include Drake and Roy Muyinza, Chris Cole and Courtney McCullough of Reb Vintage Styling, documentarians Rajinee Buquing and Brittany Marsh of Tiny Motion Picture Studio, the vintage stores mentioned above, Moulton Jewelry, Colt Keeney and Chris Webb of Metrocycle Pedicabs, Jessica Baker of Glass Staircase, and all of our day-of volunteers. Their contributions range from photography and videography, conceptualization, planning and strategy, race-day support, and spreading the word about the World’s Longest Fashion Runway at the Austin Marathon!