Image of a mother and daughter hugging at the 2020 Austin Half Marathon finish line. Enjoy this blog and download the free Mother's Day coupon book!

Free Download! Mother’s Day Coupon Book for Runners

Surprise the person you call Mom with this free, downloadable Mother’s Day Coupon Book

Moms make the world go round. They keep us in line, out of trouble, and on the straight and narrow. Moms provide comfort and a calming voice when needed. They make your favorite meal when you least expect it and provide the hug you needed that you didn’t know you needed. All while setting running goals and crushing them! Say “Thank You” to whomever you call mom with this free, downloadable Mother’s Day Coupon Book. It’s full of goodies that she can redeem whenever she’s ready, from a family hike/picnic to a much-needed post-long run nap. BONUS: these coupons have no expiration date and there’s a blank set so mom can write in whatever she wants! 

Image of a mother pushing a double-stroller during the 2020 Austin Marathon KXAN SimpleHealth 5K. Thank mom with the downloadable Mother's Day coupon book in this blog!Get a sneak peek of what Mom can expect! Then enter your email to download the Mother’s Day Coupon Book. To all the moms out there who keep their family’s world running while running themselves: we thank you and hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day Coupon Book. Pro tip: these coupons work best when training for the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon’s 30th anniversary on February 14, 2021!

These coupons don’t expire!

1) jog a marathon over time as a family

2) ride bikes with mom on her run

3) 2-hour-long family walk/hike/picnic

4) dinner + dessert + movie 

5) one uninterrupted post-long run nap

6) rinse off dishes you use and put them in the dishwasher

7) sleep in on one Saturday morning with time for a run later

8) one uninterrupted afternoon with a book/podcast + bottle of wine (or drink of choice)

9) do laundry all week (younger kids collect and separate, older kids collect, separate, wash, dry, and fold)

10) Wine Night with the Ladies (or drink of choice)

11) take out the trash/recycling/compost all week

12) one post-long run leg/foot massage

13) no arguing/complaining for an entire month

13.1) Mom’s Choice 

Alright moms, what coupon will you redeem first? Tag Austin Marathon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when you redeem your coupons so we can see them in action! Now excuse us while we download the Mother’s Day coupon book for our moms.

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Screenshot of the Austin Marathon's Mother's Day coupon book. Click to download the free coupon book for your mom!