See Improvement During Your Training with these 9 Tips

Incorporate these 9 things runners do every day to see improvement

There’s always room for improvement. This includes everyone, from beginners to elites! But you need to see the improvement you’re making. How else will you know? If you’ve started training for the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon or Austin Half Marathon, make sure you incorporate these 9 tasks so you can see your improvement!

Keep a running log

Track your Austin Marathon training with the MapMyFitness app to see your improvement!

Use the MapMyFitness app during your Austin Marathon training to see improvement.

How will you know you’re improving if you don’t track your progress? Write down your mileage and time in a notebook or track that data via an app to see your improvement. We recommend Under Armour’s MapMyFitness.

Schedule runs like meetings

Be prompt. Invite friends. Meet at a certain spot. Start on time! If you think hard enough you’ll find ways to delay the start of your run. Just get started! Invite friends so y’all can hold each other accountable. Note: this doesn’t mean you have to run every day.

Eat right

Your body needs the proper fuel in order to complete the tasks you ask of it. If your body doesn’t have the proper fuel, it won’t run as well as you want. Eat healthier foods, increase your hydration, and make sure you eat at appropriate times. Eating right can also help you recover from your long runs faster. Use our long-run recovery timeline!

Have a running buddy

Runners cross the 2019 Austin Marathon finish line and see each other's improvement.

Train with a friend for Austin Marathon and see each other’s improvement on race day!

We can’t stress accountability enough! It’s a major factor in making sure you get that run/workout done. You can also catch up with your friend(s), discuss upcoming events, and talk about training. You’ll both benefit. Having a running buddy is also a great tactic to ensure you get out of bed in the morning. Here are 5 more tips to help you make your morning run!


Swim, bike, lift weights, do goat yoga, row! If you just run, you use your muscles in one way and one way only. Cross-training forces you to use all of your muscles in different ways. This can increase your strength and decrease the chance of injury.

Stretch/foam roll

Runner foam rolls after 2019 Austin Marathon, a great tip to see improvement during training!

Foam roll often during Austin Marathon training so your body can recover quicker!

Take care of the muscles that take care of you. Stretching and foam rolling allow fresh blood to flow to the muscles. This speeds up recovery and helps prevent lactic acid from settling in.


Probably the most important way you can take care of your body. Proper and well-timed rest allows your body to repair itself. If your training plan calls for a rest day, take it!

Stay consistent

Consistency is key. This goes for all runners, from beginners to elites. Follow your training plan and stay true to it. Consistency prepares your body for what you’re asking of it. Remember, life happens. If you have to miss a day try to switch it up with a planned off day. Don’t try to make up the missed workout by pairing it with another workout.

Set goals

Make sure you have something on the calendar that you’re working towards. This is a great motivator and helps you keep your eyes on the prize. If your goal is the Austin Marathon, create bi-weekly or monthly goals that will get you to your big goal. This prevents burnout and feeling like your goal is unattainable.

If you’re consistent and stick with it long enough, you’ll see improvement! That’s what excites runners and keeps us training for our goals. Is there a way you see improvement that we didn’t mention? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Why You Need Motigo During the Austin Marathon

The Austin Marathon and the social app Motigo have joined forces to bring more energy to race day! As you run, the Motigo app uses your location to send you personalized audio messages once you hit a certain point along the course. With the Austin Marathon less than one month away, act fast to get your favorite supporters to pre-record words of encouragement. Here are just a few reasons as to why you need Motigo on race day.

The Motigo app is free to use!

That’s right, the Motigo app is free to use and available for download from the iTunes Store and Google Play. Ensure you’re friends and family hear a familiar voice when they need it most without worrying about additional charges. You can overwhelm your runners with support and love!

It’s not just for runners

Motigo is not just for the runners! If for one reason or another you can’t come to the Austin Marathon, you can still cheer for your friends and family. Whether it’s work or prior engagements, make sure your athlete hears you on Feb. 18th. Record your message and choose what mile it’s played at to guarantee that your support is heard.

Gets you pumped!

Every runner at one point or another has experienced the moment where they feel like they’re bonking and they’ve got nothing left to give. Then they find the fuel in their reserves, sparked by some form of motivation. A pre-recorded message by friends and family can be that motivation that makes the home stretch more memorable!

Doesn’t interfere with other apps

The last thing anyone wants is for their running playlist to be rudely interrupted by some other app. Motigo works quietly in the background of your other music and training apps so there is no need to worry about whether or not it’ll ruin the flow of your tunes.

Runners already love it!

If you’re still on the fence about Motigo don’t just take our word for it, visit the Motigo website and read testimonials of runners, like yourself, on how it’s changed their runs and races. Read short excerpts about how the app has motivated them to run better and even get a PR!