Rain falls on an umbrella.

Running in the Rain: 7 Tips That’ll Make it More Fun

Running in the rain happens, make sure you’re ready

Most runners love running in the rain, especially on a warm day. It also prepares you for what you might encounter on race day. If you’ve ever been caught unprepared in a rainstorm you know it can become a headache. You’re completely soaked, your clothes are heavy, you can’t keep your phone dry, the list goes on. Avoid the headache and enjoy running in the rain with these 7 tips. 

Check the weather

Screenshots of the KXAN Weather app, which runners should check before running in the rain.

Before you run, check the weather, forecast, and radar with the KXAN Weather app.

This should be an automatic, regardless of the weather. Get the latest information straight to your phone with the KXAN Weather app (Apple or Android). Make sure you know the temperature, humidity, winds, rain chances, etc. so you can plan your run accordingly. If there’s lightning, delay your run or move your workout inside. If there’s no lightning, get ready to have some fun! Running in the rain is great because it breaks up your training, helping you stay motivated.

Protect your phone

Or any other electronics you run with that can’t get wet. Most electronics are meant to get wet and can handle rain and excessive sweat. Make sure yours can do this before running in the rain! Get yourself a SPIbelt with Waterproof Accessory and you’re good to go. No SPIbelt? No problem! Just grab a Ziplock bag from home!

Wear reflective clothing

As always, wear reflective clothing. If it’s raining chances are it’s cloudy and dark. The roads are wet. Make sure drivers and anyone else on the roads can see you. And make sure you can see them! Your clothing should also wick away sweat from your body, especially if you’re wearing a rain jacket or trash bag.

Apply Body Glide

Prevent chaffing before it begins so you can still run your best! We don’t run in the rain all the time, so preparing for clothes to be soaked that aren’t normally soaked is a great strategy. They can rub in different ways or not protect skin like they normally do. If you know of chaffing areas, apply Body Glide to them before you head out the door.

Wear a rain jacket/hat

Runners wears layered clothing when running in the rain.

Wear layers that you can take off as needed.

The trick is to stay as dry as possible. We know, easier said than done. A good, reflective rain jacket will repel the water off of you, keeping your clothes dry. This is why you need your clothes to wick sweat. Don’t forget your hat, it’ll help keep the rain out of your face. Pro tip: if you’re at your race, wear a large trash bag that you can eventually throw away if the rain is expected to stop.

Dress in layers

If it’s chilly outside, dressing in layers can help your body maintain its core temperature. This is critical in ensuring you don’t get sick. It also allows you to take off layers if you get too warm. Running in the rain can be fun, but we don’t want you to get sick. 

Pack extra clothes/towel

You don’t want to be soaked all day! Whether you’re going home or headed to the office, having a towel and spare clothes will make a world of a difference. The faster you can get out of your wet clothes the better. You’ll immediately feel better once you dry off and put on fresh clothes.

No need to get bummed with rain in the forecast. You’re now armed with 7 tips that’ll keep you running in the rain. Your training for the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon can proceed! It’s better to be prepared and have it not rain than to be unprepared and caught in the rain. Is there a tip you use that we didn’t mention? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.