4 Taper Tips: Focus on Controlling What You Can Control

Get to the start line ready to roll with these taper tips

The Taper. If you’re unfamiliar, tapering refers to the reduction in volume and intensity of your workouts leading to race day. You’ve been running for months, increasing your mileage, getting better and better. Your body is in training mode and it can be difficult to turn that off. Follow these taper tips to effectively utilize the extra time you now have. Continue to follow your training plan, implement these taper tips, and get to the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon or Austin Half Marathon start line ready to run your best

Take care of yourself

This is vital and something you should’ve been doing since you began training! However, it becomes even more important leading up to Feb. 16th. Your training has introduced more miles than normal, early wake-up calls, and a reduction in time for yourself. Tapering your miles means you’ll have more time for self-care. Spend an extra 30-60 minutes a day foam rolling and stretching. Schedule a massage. Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep.

Dial-in your nutrition/hydration

Keep an eye on your calorie intake! You burned more calories during training than you will when you taper. Adjust accordingly so the pounds you shed during training stay off! Focus on a balanced diet of moderate carbs, quality protein, and healthy fats. Start hydrating NOW. You should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Continue including electrolytes like you’ve done during training. Carry a tube of Nuun with you, pop a tablet into your reusable bottle, and make your water count! Make sure you try the on-course fuel, GU Energy Labs.

No new workouts

Just like nothing new on race day, no new workouts when tapering. This includes everything from a pick-up basketball game to lifting heavy weights at the gym. You don’t want to run the risk of spraining your ankle or pulling a muscle. Stick with what’s comfortable. If that’s running or cross-training (swimming, cycling, etc.), focus on less-intense and lower-volume workouts. 

Sidetrack yourself

An increase in your mileage could mean you’re behind on your favorite show. Maybe you haven’t read those new books you got for Christmas. Now’s the time to distract yourself from the fact that you aren’t running as much as you have been. Spend a couple of hours binging your favorite show. Grab that new book and read at your favorite park. If you find yourself getting antsy because you’re not moving, try to foam roll or stretch while watching your favorite show. Or try reading your book while riding a stationary bike.

Follow these taper tips so the taper doesn’t frustrate you or stress you out. The sudden addition of extra time and the feeling that you should be running can be confusing. Follow these taper tips and focus on controlling what you can control. What do you do to get to the start line ready to roll when you taper? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Austin Marathon Announces Third Round of Accepted Elite Runners

Third round of elite runners competing for $23,200 prize purse

The Ascension Seton Austin Marathon presented by Under Armour introduces the third round of accepted athletes for 2020. This program, in its fourth year, creates a competitive field of elite male and female runners while discovering emerging talent, pushing the entire talent pool to reach Olympic standards. FloTrack’s live coverage highlights the competition amongst the elites, following male and female marathoners and half marathoners. Elites are listed below along with their qualifying time. The 29th annual Austin Marathon, owned and produced by High Five Events, will take place on February 16, 2020.

“The Austin Marathon is an incredible race and I take any opportunity I have to toe the line and test myself here,” said Becki Spellman, 4-time Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier (2008, ‘12, ‘16, ‘20). “I love the city, the crowd support, and the race; it always feels like my home away from home!”

The third round of 2020 Austin Marathoners include: 

  • Bryan Morseman – male Elite Athlete Program (2018 Glass City Marathon – 2:23:23)
  • Asia Shah – female Elite Field (2017 CIM – 2:57:41)
  • Elena Oslund – female Elite Field (2019 Eugene Half Marathon – 1:21:58)
  • Kyle Allen – male Elite Field (2019 Halfsy Half Marathon – 1:12:40)
  • William Bertrand – male Elite Field (2019 Austin Marathon – 2:29:28)

The third round of 2020 Austin Half Marathoners include: 

  • Becki Spellman – female Elite Athlete Program (2018 Richmond Half Marathon – 1:14:56)
  • Caren Maiyo – female Elite Athlete Program (2019 PSPB Delhi Half Marathon- 1:14:19)
  • Allen Sumrall – male Elite Athlete Program (4th place, 2019 Austin Half Marathon – 1:06:54)
  • Michael Morris – male Elite Athlete Program (2:19:33 – 2019 CIM)
  • Benjamin Sathre – male Elite Athlete Program (2018 Houston Marathon – 2:15:06)
  • John Kingstedt – male Elite Athlete Program (2019 Valencia Marathon – 2:17:56)
  • Jen Frankmann – female Elite Athlete Program (2018 Houston Marathon – 2:44:15)
  • Kathryn Fluehr – female Elite Athlete Program (2018 Indy Half Marathon – 1:14:00)
  • Alex Lee – male Elite Field (2019 Las Vegas Half Marathon – 1:17:48)
  • Mitch Ammons – male Elite Field (2019 3M Half Marathon – 1:16:39)
  • Natasha van der Merwe – female Elite Field (2019 3M Half Marathon – 1:23:26)
  • Nicholas Chase – male Elite Field (2019 Florida Shamrock Half Marathon – 1:17:12)
  • Bree Schrader – female Elite Field (2019 Houston Half Marathon – 1:20:05)
  • Alan Zhou – male Elite Field (2019 Chicago Marathon – 1:33:49)
  • Melissa Morey – female Elite Field (2018 Des Moines Half Marathon – 1:24:05)
  • Tyler Morey – male Elite Field (2019 Des Moines Half Marathon – 1:10:34)

The third round of 2020 Manzano Milers include:

  • James Ngandu – male Elite Field (2019 Austin Half Marathon champ – 1:04:32)
  • Anna McDonald – female Elite Field (3rd place, 2019 Manzano Mile – 4:53.89)
  • Bryce Richards – male Elite Field (2019 Ryan Shay Mile – 4:12.88)
  • Oscar Garcia – male Elite Field (2018 BU Season Opener – 4:32.67)
  • Lizzie Bird – female Elite Field (Stretford (GBR) 1500m – 4:16.32)
  • Jesse Chettle – male Elite Field (2019 Manzano Mile – 4:33.93)
  • Brian Llamas – male Elite Field (2019 Music City Distance Carnival – 4:12.41)
  • Michael Davila – male Elite Field (2019 Long Island Mile – 4:10.26)
  • Samuel Murphy – male Elite Field (2019 Run for the Water 5K champ – 15:40)
  • Dylan Doss – male Elite Field (6th place, 2019 Manzano Mile – 4:18.87)

The prize purse breakdown follows: $15,000 for the marathon, $5,000 for the half marathon, and $3,200 for the Manzano Mile presented by Dole Packaged Foods. Runners not accepted into the Elite Athlete Program are still invited to run in the Elite Field. Runners that are not accepted to the Elite Athlete Program or the Elite Field are not eligible for prize money. Read about the first and second round of accepted elite runners.

The Austin Marathon will celebrate its 29th year running in the capital of Texas in 2020. Austin’s flagship running event annually attracts runners from all 50 states and 30+ countries around the world. The start and finish locations are just a few blocks apart. They are within walking distance of many downtown hotels and restaurants. The finish line is in front of the picturesque Texas State Capitol. Austin Marathon is the perfect running weekend destination. Registration is currently open.

January Running Playlist Additions – 10 Must-Add Songs

Spice up your tunes with these January running playlist additions

You want music? We’ve got music! Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World and we are big music lovers. That’s why we’ve created this #WeLiketheSoundofThat playlist! We share every song on Twitter. Follow us so you know what’s next. We’ve taken 10 of our recent additions and put them in this convenient blog. Listen to the playlist (100+ songs and counting) and refresh your music with these January running playlist additions. Learn how to protect your phone if the forecast calls for rain.

Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake feat. Timbaland

This is an absolute classic. No questions about it. If you stop running for a minute and start dancing, that’s okay. Just remember, you’re the one bringing sexy back!

Figure It Out – Royal Blood

Stuck in a training rut? Add this song to your playlist, take off on your run, and the electric guitar will help you figure it out!

You May Be Right – Billy Joel

Billy Joel has tons of hits, but we chose this tune because this is what long distance runners say when non-long distance runners claim they’re crazy.

Pearl Cadillac – Gary Clark Jr.

This slow, relaxing jam is ideal for the cool down portion of your long run. Plus, it’s our opportunity to ask Gary Clark Jr. if we can use his Pearl Cadillac as our lead vehicle. He’s from Austin too so you know we’ll let him drive!

Lyla – Big Red Machine

This collaboration between Aaron Dessner (The National) and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) provides a steady tempo. Stay locked into your pace when this song comes on!

Good Times and Bad – Shiny Ribs

Playlists that have this tune from Austin’s own Shiny Ribs are scientifically proven to have more good runs than bad!

Texas Sun – Leon Bridges and Khruangbin

Let’s keep the Texas musician train rolling with this collaboration from Fort Worth’s Leon Bridges and Houston’s Khruangbin! You’ll enjoy the rise of the Texas sun at the start of the Austin Marathon.

Fire – Black Pumas

Keep your training on track and Sunday, February 16th, will be smooth sailing! Pro tip: we’re contemplating adding the entire Grammy-nominated album from Austin’s own Black Pumas to our playlist. It’s that good!

 Little Black Submarines – The Black Keys

If you need a jolt of energy add this jam to your playlist and wait two minutes. Use that time as your warm-up. Then prepare to crank up the intensity!

Rise To The Sun – Alabama Shakes

The lyrics of this song alone warrant a spot on this playlist. Wake up, remember your goals, and attack the day. Plus, Alabama Shakes are legit!

Add these January running playlist additions before you take off for your next run. These 10 songs can pump you up, allow you to catch your breath, or help you focus on the warm-up/cool-down. However you incorporate music, just make sure you can still hear your surroundings. It’s important to know what’s going on around you! Is there something you do that we didn’t list? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.